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Online Health Communities Social Support : The Studies

This time, Online Health Communities Social Support studies from various subtopics will be presented.

The Intersection of Health, Care and social Support in Offending Health Communities

A study about online health communities showed that the availability of information provided by both peer-patients and health professionals, and, more importantly, the opportunity to exchange social support in OHCs, has often been reported as being linked to better management of illnesses, greater acceptance of situations, the development of coping skills, increased self-esteem and .

Online Health Communities Social Support : The Studies

The Role of Oxytocin Receptor Polymorphism in Stress Management

An article about stress management in the workplace found that online social support can be an effective means of managing stress. Online social support is a website where people can talk to each other about their problems. The site has a collective goal of reducing stress levels in the workplace. polymorphisms in the receptor for oxytocin (OXTF) can increase or decrease stress hormones and behaviors (including aggression, prosocial personality traits, and communication styles) (Friesen, Sexton, & camerer, 2004).thus decreasing physical activity and releasing endorphins which havestress-reducing properties.While oxytocin receptor polymorphisms responsetoinvestigation into individual differences in stress management abilities willportray interesting opportunities for intervention?.

The Top 5 Reasons People Come back to Health Communities

A paper about the users’ participation in online health communities found that a large majority of them engage in emotional and interactational activities with others in the communities. These activities help keep users coming back for more information, support, and chemistries.

The emotional content of social support posting in patient communities

An evaluation about the emotional content of social support posting in patient communities revealed that these groups often provide valuable emotional support to patient's. Preliminary findings suggest that patients are generally more relieved and tired when they receive emotional support from their fellow patients, as well as had a better sense of self-esteem when they are able to openly communicate with others.

Online Health Communities: The Determinants of Participation

An article about how members’ intentions to participate in online health communities (OHC) are determined provides important insights for facilitators and members. The study found that subjective well-being is a key determinant of members’ intention to engage in OHCs. Network site exhaustion was also a deciding factor for many members, especially those who are struggling with maintaining consistent online conduct.

The Social Influence of Health Communities

A study about online health communities (OHCs) found that many of their users lack the intention to share their knowledge and may even fail to do so due to social influence. The study found that users in OHCs often share information about their health in hopes of gaining emotional support, but few are actually intending to do so. The social influence theory is used to explain why some users share and others do not.

Collective empowerment in online health communities: Bridging the Gap

An analysis about collective empowerment in online health communities showed that the group identification instruments and surveys showed that a significant majority of participants felt that they had the ability to Shahid A. Sheikh and Anil Saxena (2015) “Collective Empowerment in Online Health Communities: Scale Development and Use”, Social Science and Medicine 170 (11), pp. 1647-1653.

Community Health Needs Prioritized in the United Kingdom

A study about the health and social care of people living in the community found that there is a need for more coordinated care and that the system is not yet effective. The study also found that while the community should be a focus for social work, health care professionals are needed in order to provide quality care. Overall, the study provides important information about a problem that needs to be addressed.

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