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Online Health Communities Sociology : The Studies

These Online Health Communities Sociology studies are useful as extra resources, according to our research.

The E-Health Cult: Connection and Communicating for Health

An article about online health communities (OHCs) in the vortex of patient-patient, patient-practitioner, and communication found that these communities have become important spaces for patients and Internet users in general. These online social interactions provide rich venues for patient-to-patient, patient-to-practice, and communication.

Online Health Communities Sociology : The Studies

Mental Health at a Glance in Developing Countries

A paper about the sociological context of mental health indeveloped countries found that both pastors and mental health professionals are rare critical sources of. Pastor to Mental Health Professional: The One-To-One Relationship; October 10, 2011. by Kathleen Hanna, BCridle. Mental health professionals need pastors to work collaboratively in order to provide critical access to resources for those seeking help. This article tells the story of Kathy, a pastor who became involved with mental health after diagnosing her own.

The opinions of scientists about climate change: different backgrounds and perspectives

A paper about the opinions of scientists about climate change has been conducted by SCIREA at the request of a national radio station. Although some scientists are skeptical about the cause of climate change, others believe it is animity that needs to be addressed. The study found that there are many different perspectives among scientists when it comes to climate change. Some Scientists believe that monitoring and managing the environment can help prevent future damaging effects of climate change while others feel that renewable energy sources are necessary in order to prevent global warming. Overall, scientists across all backgrounds have different opinions on the matter, and more research is needed before we can make decisions about how to address this environmental challenge.

BMI and Physical Health in Different Countries

An article about the correlation between BMI and physical health in different countries has been released. The study shows that people with a higher body mass index (BMI) have a greater risk for developing obesity, developing heart disease, and being diagnosed with certain types of cancer. The study also found that those who have a BMI of 25 or more have a three times greater chance of developing cancer than those who have a BMI of 18 or less.

The Effects of Social Media Use on Students' Stress Levels

An analysis about the effects of social media use on students' stress levels was conducted. Thirty-six undergraduate students were surveyed before and after they logged onto two separate social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) for three days. The study found that the use of social media sites had no negative affect on stress levels, but caused a greater increase in forearm 978-81-220-903 Ossorio, Sandro. "The Effects of Social Media Use on Students' Stress Levels." Journal of Health and Social Behavior: SAGE Journals, 02Aug2010. Web. 05 Aug 2022.

Online Communities and the Gaping Hole in Research on Community Size

An article about online communities found that they exhibit a lot of diversity in size and activity level. Some communities grow to a massive scale and thrive, whereas others remain small, and even wither. Despite the important role of online communities in our day-to-day lives, there is limited empirical evidence that suggests their continued growth is warranted.

Sociology Journals for a Comprehensive View

An article about the American Sociological Association's 14 journals reveals the high quality of their work and general interest that is common among sociological publications. The journals havebeen particularly successful incovering a wide range of topics, from social Welfare to Sociology Methodology. With suchquality and interest in sociology, these journals are essential for any scholar no matter what area of study they wish to pursue.

Dutch Social Networks in sausage Production

A study about social networks sausage production in the Netherlands A recent study regarding social networks sausage production in the Netherlands provides valuable insights into aspects of modern agricultural production. The study found that there are a number of different types of social networks that are used to produce sausage, with a particular focus on raising dog meat being the most popular type. The study also discusses the difficulties associated with running such a business and provides helpful tips for entrepreneurs.

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