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Online Health Communities Users : The Studies

Finding some solid Online Health Communities Users-related studies? They are shown below.

online health communities and patient satisfaction

A research about the impact of online health communities on patient care showed that the use of OHCs can help improve patient satisfaction and The study also showed that the use of OHCs can lead to new ways for patients to communicate with doctors.

Online Health Communities Users : The Studies

The Relationship Between Education and Online Health Community Participation

A study about the factors affecting online health community participation has been conducted in order to explore theysiology behind this behavior. The study found that education (p=0.049), tumor size (p=0.010), attitude toward cancer (p=0.022), and anxiety and depression (p=0.021) play a role in whether or not people participate in online health communities. The average score of satisfaction with the online health community was 4.25 out of 5. This suggests that there are many factors that influence community participation, and more research is needed in order to better understand these relationships.

The Determinants of Members’ Participation Intentions in Online Health Communities

An analysis about the determinants of members’ participation intention in online health communities (OHC) from both the facilitators and barriers points of view was conducted. From the facilitators perspective, each member’s subjective well-being plays a crucial role in sharing intention. However, from the barriers point of view, social network site exhaustion may play a key role in participants’ sharing intention. The study found that participatory intentions are often determined by the facilitators’aves and that social network site exhaustion can be a barrier for participants to share intention successfully.

Online Health Communities Top Sources of Social Support for People with Health Concerns

A journal about online health communities found that they are major resources for users who have similar health concerns. The study found that social support type (s) was variably found in posts. The study also found that most users continued using online health communities even after the release of new updates.

The Relationship Between Online Healthcare Sites and Trust

An analysis about trust among online users of healthcare services reveals that a majority of them feels confident and safe with the service. However, in some cases, there are concerns about how well the site(s) operate and whether or not people can trust the data generated. Overall, these findings suggest that trust may still be an important factor for people who use online healthcare sites to manage their medical information and support one another.

Why Patients and Families Appear to So Benefit from Health Communities

A study about online health communities found that they are valuable resources for patients and their families. Theres a lot of variety and discussion on these networks, which can be helpful for finding relief from illnesses.

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