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Online Job Search Matching : The Studies

We discovered that these Online Job Search Matching studies are valuable as supplementary resources.

Jobs and subjective values: The effect of experience on overall satisfaction

An article about the effect of different job types on subjective values found that jobs with more specific experience (e.g. sales) are associated with higher subjective values than jobs without specific experience ( finance). The study used a survey sample of Americans to test the hypotheses.

Online Job Search Matching : The Studies

The 10 Best Occupations for Young Adults

A journal about career choice suggests that there are certain types of occupations which are better for young and inexperienced individuals. occupations that have a lot of job-specific experience may be more beneficial for these individuals, as their skills will be sharpened and their selections will be more informed by their experiences.

The Effect of the Internet on Labour Market Search Frictions

An article about the effectiveness of the Internet job search was conducted by Kroft and Pope in 2010. They found that, on average, the Internet does not have a significant effect on labour market search frictions.

The Inefficiency of Job Searching in a Heterogeneous Environment

A paper about on?the?job job search in a matching model with heterogeneous jobs showed that it can be very difficult to find a successful match. The workers were not randomly matched but were instead grouped together according to their similar qualities, which made the job search process much less successful. The study found that trying to searched for a match was extremely time consuming and resulted in very little success.

Analyses of Music and Cognition

A review about the effect of music on the brain It has been revealed that music can have a profound impact on the brain. It has been found that music can help with cognitive function, focus, and memory. This is because music is known to stimulate Areas of theBrain associated with Memory and Focus. The Effects of Music on the Brain: A Literature Review.

The Powerful National Laboratory for Manufacturing Technology

An inquiry about manufacturing jobs in Milwaukee, WI Manufacturing jobs in Milwaukee, WI are always in high demand due to the increasing demand for goods and services. The versatile and high-paying jobs in this field include manufacturing engineers, skilled Craftsmen, transportation mechanics and .

testing the waters with a christchurch accent

A journal about job advertisements in Bahasa Indonesia shows that many employers look for someone with Christchurch accent. The study found that job ads in the Bahasa Indonesian language tend to use strong, upbeat language to draw attention to a job applicant's Christchurch accent.

Matching vs Matching: The Effect on Job Tenure Rates

An article about the effects of matching on job tenure rates in the United States led to the conclusion that on-the-job training, not matching, is the most effective way to allocate employee roles. In this study, a group of researchers used a Census data set to examine how people's job tenure rates changed when they were assigned to jobs that were similar or different in terms of quality and role complexity. The study found that people who were matched with jobs that were more complex were more likely to stay with their current employer for longer periods of time than those who were matched with jobs that were less complex. This finding was particularly relevant for lower-paid jobs where complex tasks are often considered essential for success.

What determines market performance?

A research about how allocation of resources affects market performance is abundant in many applications. In these applications, matching markets with historical data are abundant and can help to optimize global performance. One way to use this data is to find the best way to allocate resources so that they are used most efficiently.

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