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Online Marketing Strategy Consumers : The Studies

Here are some excellent Online Marketing Strategy Consumers studies that are still relevant today.

The effectiveness of online marketing through consumers

An article about the effectiveness of online marketing through consumers found that it can be a powerful tool to reach potential customers. The study found that by utilizing an integrated marketing communication, businesses can connect with potential customers in a more efficient and effective way. The study found that by utilizing an integrated marketing communication, businesses can improve their marketing efforts and reach more consumers in a shorter amount of time.

Online Marketing Strategy Consumers : The Studies

The Price of Canning Cans andBrand Loyalty

A review about aluminum cans purchased in a convenience store found that when it came to ad spending, the store's aluminum cans were seen as more expensive than those of other convenience stores. The study also found that brand loyalty was less associated with aluminum cans and that consumers familiarity with canned goods tends to relate more closely to shelf life and taste than with brand name or design.

Trust, Opinion, & Consumer Behavior: The New Paradigm for Online Marketing

An article about online marketing found that people generally trust online companies more than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. They also feel that online cold calls and other forms of online advertising are more effective than those used in physical locations. This study findings surprised many people who thought that the opposite was true. The study participants were located in various countries around the world and they were all different age ranges. When it comes to trust,inion, & consumer behavior, there seems to be something else at play Online marketing is a process of promoting or distributing traditional advertising media using digital channels to reach a target audience. It encompasses all aspects of reaching consumers--from website design and content creation to lead gen, social media spending, and data collection and insights ? from creating one's own marketing mix to outsourcing certain activities.


An analysis about how to use marketing to profitable goals reveal a wide variety of approaches and results. Marketing this way produces powerful results, but can be exceedingly expensive. The journal of strategic marketing publishes papers on key aspects of the interface between marketing and strategic management. It is a vehicle for discussing long-range activities where has a role to play in managing the long-term objectives and of companies. The objectives of the Journal are as follows: To stimulate critical thinking about marketing strategy in order to develop creative solutions that provide value for money; To help companies adopt market-centric thinking so that they can compete successfully in tomorrow's economy; And To promote the exchange of ideas between manufacturers, marketers, and Directors of Corporate Programs.

The Advantages of Electronic Journals: A Review

A study about online journals showed that they are more reader-friendly, more engaging, and more effective than print Journals. headers termal An online journal is a type of journal where stories, articles, and other images are stored on the Web and accessed electronically. electronic journals routinely offer features that advantage the reader over print equivalents-such as easy navigation, interactive features, and multimedia content.

Nepalese expatriates in Boston: The Adherence to Fast Track System

An inquiry about the consumer behavior of expatriate Nepalese in Boston found that they generally adhere to the "Fast Track System" of fast food restaurants, which is a system where customers are only allowed to order one type of meal and then must pay for it. The study found that the Nepalese take pride in their Savory Papaya Sandwich, which is made with a mixture of shredded chicken and garlic, and is also popular among them for its affordability.

Consumer fairness perceptions during sales: A study

A paper about consumers' fairness perceptions shows that some people may feel that the price of an products is unfair depending on the condition of the product. The study found that people have different reactions to different prices and conditions, which is evidenced by their levels of fairness perceptions. People may feel more fair when they are able to receive a refund for an advanced sale, as compared to when they have to pay full price.

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