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Online Markets In Kenya : The Studies

These studies on Online Markets In Kenya are fascinating and worthwhile to know.

Financial Inventions in Kenyan Economy: Implications for Monetary Policy

An article about the effects of financial innovations on monetary policy in Kenya found that some of these innovations have positive, short-term effects on inflation and social welfare. Financial innovations also have long-term consequences for the economy, as they can increase borrowing costs and reduce economic efficiency. Overall, these findings suggest that policymakers should take account of the implications of financial innovations when making monetary policy decisions in Kenya.

Online Markets In Kenya : The Studies

Engineering in Kenya: Fundamental Skills and Challenges

A paper about engineering in Kenya has revealed several gaps in the knowledge of this Discipline. One such gap is the lack of fundamentalspezifical knowledge in many engineering-related Fields and specializations in particular. The study found that, as a result of this, many engineers and scientists are unable to contribute to development of their respective fields and can instead specialize only in one or two specific areas. The study uncovered a few organizational issues that must be addressed if engineers want to move forward and improve their field's capabilities: lack of sustained competition and self-promotion amongst engineers, poor access to resources, fearmongering among some members of society about the negative impact that engineering can have on their lives, and ceilings placed on how much money can be sponsored byEngineering Societies (ES) during competitive years. Another challenge current engineers face is how they adapt their work to meet the needs and expectations of customers who are constantly changing. Additionally, they should constantly monitor themselves against changing technology so they are able to stay ahead of the curve in order to preserve their success as a profession.

Online marketing in Kenya presents many opportunities for businesses to success

An article about e-commerce in Kenya shows that there are many opportunities for businesses to success online. The main reason why businesses are migrating to online platforms is because traditional marketing methods often not enough effective in engaging customers and driving sales. Four main types of marketing have been identified in Kenya: direct marketing, (the use of brand names or other identifying marks to reach consumers through personal sales), subscription marketing, viral advertising, and social media marketing. Direct marketing involves using a business’s existing branding and product features to attract new customers through personal interactions with target customers, aka of-the-need byoppers.popup windows, push notifications, doorbells, automobiles.

The Influence of Price and Delivery Times on Online Shopping

An evaluation about the determinants of online shopping showed that in countries such as Australia, China and India, there is an increase in the use of online shopping due to improved internet penetration and more consequent opportunities for buying products not just from close by but from all over the world. The study found that while some factors such as price quotations and delivery times may be independent of one another, they are all positively associated with how frequently customers shop online. The study also identified certain age groups as being more likely to shopping online than ever before - adults below the age of 30 are most frequent buyers of service goods, with children aged 8-12 accounting for the majority of spending on electronics.

The Role of Interest Rate in Bond Markets in Kenya

A study about the effect of interest rate on bond markets in Kenya found that a positive significant relationship existed between interest rate and growth of bond markets. This, therefore, suggests that the CMA should improve on the policies that stabilize the variability of interest rate.

The Gender Gap in Rural Kenyan Careers

An article about the different looks of women and their career in rural Kenya As a woman working in rural Kenya, I constantly face the unique challenge of being seen as a competent and respectable member of society. despite the lack of formal education or prospects for a good career, many women here take any opportunity they can to gain some basic level of certification or experience that will give them an edge in the market place. Some women choose to work as domestic servants or agricultural laborers while others opt to Inexpensive professions such as cleaning homes and selling ice cream. While the various fields available to female workers in rural Kenya vary great deal, there are some things that always seem to stay the same - the challenges associated with being both 'female' and WORKING IN RURAL KENYA.

Kenya's digital credit problem: How popular is it, and how risky is it?

An article about how prevalent digital credit is in Kenya found that more than one-third of the population uses it and that it poses a variety of risks to both borrowers and lenders. Additionally, the study found that many people in Kenya have trouble understanding and using digital credit cards, meaning they may fall behind on their payments.

The long-term Effects of Green Tea Extract Capsules on Blood Pressure

A paper about the effects of different green tea extract capsules on blood pressure showed that those taking thecapsules had stable blood pressure and were able to maintain it for a longer period than those who did not take them. The study’s lead author, Dr.feima al-Khatib, said that many African patients are not getting the best care from their doctors because most of them do not know about the benefits of green tea extract capsules.

The Effects of Information on Safe Food Choice

A study about the impact of informing the public about the dangers of using maize flour in baking has shown that this could potentially discourage actors from investing in food safety. The study found that when informed consumers were made to aware of the risks associated with using maize flour, they were more likely to choose safer foods. A randomized trial shows that this information could be a effective means of discouraging investors from engaging in risky behavior.

Kenya's Deposit-taking Savings and Credit Companys: Strategies for Achieving Market Share

An article about the strategic practices of two key deposit-taking Savings and Credit Companys (SACCOs) in Nairobi County, Kenya revealed that the two companies exhibit strikingly different strategies for achieving overall market share. The study found that SACCOs with a small number of large depositors tend to focus on retaining and expanding customer base, while those with a larger number of customers focus more on developing new customer relationships.

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