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Online Markets Price Dispersion : The Studies

We found that these studies about Online Markets Price Dispersion are good for getting more information.

The Role of Price Disparity in Low Adoption of Online Goods and Services

A study about the effects of price dispersion in online markets has shown that it can be explained by the fact that electronic markets are more competitive than traditional markets. This implies that the items with the same measured characteristics across sellers at a given point in time for identical products sold by e-tailers should be smaller than it is in traditional markets. While price dispersion does play some role in why it may be more difficult for e-tailers to undercut their rivals, this factor is not really responsible for the low adoption rates of online goods and services.

Online Markets Price Dispersion : The Studies

Price Dispersion in an Online Market: A Survey

An article about price dispersion in online markets has shown that there is a lot of variation in prices and it can be difficult to find an equilibrium. The study found that there is a very large difference in the prices of some goods and services, which can make it hard to find an agreement on prices.

Online Markets and Pricing Dispersion

A paper about the price dispersion in online markets between conventional and electronic markets was conducted. It was found that the online medium and the Internet lower search costs, which might result in a smaller amount of variation in prices for identical products sold by e-tailers. Consequently, it seems that pricing dispersion within online markets is explained by differences in search costs.

The Economic Impact of Online Retailers and Online Consumers

An article about price dispersion found that online prices are higher than offline prices when there is a large fraction of online consumers. The study found that the associated risk sensitivity can ranged from 0 to ? o d o) which is suggesting that online retailers pay more for goods and services.

The Price of Consumer Electronics products reveals a great deal of variety in prices

An article about the price of consumer electronics products has revealed that there is a great deal of variety in prices. For example, a product like an iPhone can be priced at different points depending on where it is bought. This variation can be seen in the markets for these products, which are “thick.” Using data from one of the Internet’s leading price comparison sites, we can explore this variety in more depth. Thirty-six products were analyzed, and we found that the average price for a product was constantly varying throughout the surveyed period. This Variety Appears to Be Due to The Assortment Of Product Types, The potency Of Competition Within The Markets, and Consumer's Place of Residence.

Price discrepancies among online merchants: How much do you pay?

A study about pricing within an online market shows that there is apparently some discrepancy in prices between different merchants. Using an online agent market research tool, it was found that the average price discrepancies between different retailers vary astronomically, from almost nothing for discounted items to more than five times the regular price for pieces with a higher price point.

The relativity of prices in online grocery markets

An inquiry about price dispersion in online grocery markets identified that there exists a large range in prices of goods offered by the various chains present in these markets. Additionally, the study found that, although people are looking for similar items, they are also undertaking different searches for different reasons.

Prevalence and Cost of Prescription Drug Prices: An Analysis

An article about the temporal price dispersion in retail markets for prescription drugs was conducted. The study found that there is an imperfectly diseconomical equilibrium in these markets where the price dispersion is high. This occurs because there is a large number of substitutes for prescribed drugs, causing each drug to be purchased at a discount or at a price below its original cost.

The Effects of Cost and Tax Differences on the Distribution of Prices

A paper about cost differences among firms, search costs of customers, and taxes affects the mean and variance of the distribution of prices in a market. The model shows that cost differences among firms, search costs of customers, and taxes will cause prices to differ in ubiquitouslyernandable way.

The Market for Electrical Appliances Exceeds In Availability and Price Deviations

A journal about online and offline price deviation in the B2C market was conducted. It found that there is a great market information asymmetry in both online and offline electrical markets. Overall, there is a discrepancy between the online prices of all types of appliances, and this discrepancy is greater than any other market segment.

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