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Online Observation Analysis : The Studies

These are intriguing studies about Online Observation Analysis that are useful to know.

Shipbuilders' Nearshore Dynamics in an Age of Terrorism

A journal about the nearshore dynamics of a shipyard is necessary in order to understand the shipbuilding process and its potential problems. The study findings may have significant implications for the safety of the ships being built at the port.

Online Observation Analysis : The Studies

Nearshore Dynamics on the California Coast

A journal about the observation, analysis, and modeling of nearshore dynamics is necessary for understanding the present condition of the coast and also for projecting the future evolution.

The Design of an Observer Collection Ontology for Sensor Web Data

A study about the essential characteristics of observation collections was carried out in the Sensor Web using an ontology designed by an international team of researchers. The ontology identifies five essential parameters for characterization: collector, observable, members, spatial ordering, and temporal ordering. Changes in one of these parameters lead unavoidably to a new collection. This study found that the ontology design pattern called "Observation Collection Ontology Pattern" can help to precisely define and maintain the essential characteristics of observation collections.

Manipulations of Language Use in a Global Context

A review about the effects of different manipulations on the interpretation of visible discourse was conducted in a variety of literatures. By looking at three texts, it was possible to evaluate the effects of manipulation using different approaches: theoretically based, pragmatically-based andempirical. The results showed that there are significant changes in the interpretation when an author or speaker tries to manipulate their language. In addition, different manipulations produce disparities depending on the culture and the context in which they are used.

The Journal of Interpretation, Observation, and Analysis is Morecompetitive than Average

A study about the journal's acceptance rates, rejection rates and publishcompetitiveness found that the journal is higher than average for its field of interpretation, observation and analysis.

LMA and AFCMD in the Context of Dance: A Dynamic Perspective

A journal about movement is proposed to bring together two approaches to qualitative movement analysis, Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Functional Analysis of the Dancing Body (AFCMD). The study introduced a new way of looking at movement that uses dual concepts of functional and expressive dimensions. This unique way of thinking allows us to better understand the interaction between these two dimensions in order to better representation the interplay between them.

The Effect of Peer Observation on student’s Work

A research about journal writing shows that Peer Observation can be a great way to get insight into one's students' works. By taking advanced steps in journal writing, students are able to offer candid and open feedback to one another, enhancing the quality of the work. The results of this study suggest that journal writing can be an effective means for editing and improvement of student’s work.

Corruption in Corporations: A GLOBAL ISSUE

A journal about a company, reveals that a majority of directors are corrupt. The study also revealed that most companies go through launderings, which is when money is laundered through other companies. This practice is often done to avoid detection and possible punitive action from law enforcement agencies.

Basketball and Childhood: A New Perspective

A review about a boy who dribbles a ball through a series of hoops could be interesting to him because he enjoys playing and watching the game, or it might be more interesting to others because they are taking part in it. The student's observation might have other implications for them as well, depending on their level of interest in the subject matter. He observed that people enjoy the game and that it provides an opportunity to connect with others. This could lead them to ask themselves questions about their own goals, wants, and dreams.

Rain droplets: Predicting the weather in your backyard

A study about weather conditions from an airplane. The airplane was flying over a city and it was evident that the sky was getting dark and the weather conditions were warming up. The airplane saw some straight outlines of clouds, indications that there might be rain soon. Judging by the wind direction, it would be safe to predict that the rain would come in droplets very small enough to be noticed on the ground.

Negative Buttress in the Treatment of Femoral Neck Fracture: A Feasibility Study

A study about the feasibility of anatomic reduction, positive buttress, and negative buttress in the treatment of femoral neck fracture found that the devices were effective in improving the femoral neck fracture clinical condition and technical complication rates.

Physical Activity Affects Heart Rate Variability

A study about how physical activity affects heart rate variability found that the average heart rate during physical activity decreased significantly when compared to when the person was inactive. However, there was no significant difference in heart rates between people who engaged in different types of physical activity.

The Life Cycle of a Plant

A paper about plants reveals that the life cycle of aplant is interesting and complex. A plant's growth and development can be monitored using special tools to record the process. By following the life cycle of a plant, students will learn about plants and their importance in ecology.

Best All- around Solution for Estimating Climate Change back Intra-city

A journal about the accuracy of observations, background and analysis errors was conducted. The diagnostics used were almost cost-free since they only combine quantities available after the analysis, which is what is done in the present study. A first application of these diagnostics was presented on analyses provided by the French 4D-Var assimilation.

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