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Online Observation Method : The Studies

Obtaining some reliable Online Observation Method-related studies? Them they are.

Creativity Bake Sale

An analysis about a creative act. For a creative person to be excellent, they must first have the right ingredients in their psyche and then put those ingredients together. There are a few necessary conditions that must be met before anyone can become creative, though it is often said that creativity occurs when inspiration hits. Inspiration can come from any aspect of life but usually tabletop role-playing games are where creativity flourishes the most. The result of playing such games can lead to deep insights into oneself and one’s surroundings.

Online Observation Method : The Studies

Creativity and Observation: A Comprehensive Review

A study about creativity found that observation methods play an important role in advancing creativity research. The seven dimensions used to define creativity were: definition, unit of observation, observer role, observation sampling method, research design, data collection, and data analysis. After studying the study’s results, it was recommended that researchers use observation methods when studying creativity in order to better understand its true form.

The Use of Synchronous Digital Video for Teacher Training: A Review

A study about the use of synchronous digital video for observation, feedback and assessment in post-compulsory education and training was commissioned in 2005 by the UK Department for Education and Skills. The study found that the use of synchronous digital video could help improve teaching practice. The protocol for the remote of teaching was developed after consultation with other universities.

Exercise and Mortality

A study about the effect of exercise on mortality was conducted. The study participants were 4400 subjects who died from any cause between 1957 and 2003. The data sets used for the study were from the National Hospitalization Database. The study found that there was a significant decrease in mortality rates following chronic physical activity (CPA) and only a small decrease following vigorous CPA.

Reflecting on Moscow's Culture Revolution

A study about one's environment would be of great interest to anyone who spends time outside of their home. Whether it is observing the scenery from a window or simply taking in the fresh air, artists and intellectuals alike have used nature as a playground for creativity and exploration. It is also an excellent opportunity to gain new insights into others and oneself. This past Saturday, I participated in a cultural event that was unlike any I have experienced before. After walking through one of Moscow's oldest neighborhoods, I encountered a diversity of cultures that I had never before encountered. The sounds of children playing, the smells of peppers in traditional Russian cooking, and the Celebritiespseudo-reality show displayed on large screens in the former “kolonny” (street market) constituted an amnesty for my tired eyes. Oriental dancers carrying huge baskets filled with mudP revolutionary slogans7F by street vendors9D played on the pavements while people carrying fruit markets6A sold items such as soap, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, apples, and challah.

How Plant Life Cycles Predict Ornamental Plant Health

A study about the biology of a plant has shown that the life cycle of a plant is very important in predicting the future health of that plant. A plant's life cycle is composed of six phases: germination, growth, flower development,protoculture, pollination, and postharvest. In each phase, a particular process takes place that affects the plant's physical and cosmetic appearance.

Models of Embankment Effectiveness in Drainage Systems

A study about embankment over soft sludge in a draining system was undertaken. An observational method was used to design and construct the embankment. The first part of the paper describes the case history of the project and how it was able to achieve a desired effect. In the second part, models were created to further understand how embankments can be implemented in drainage systems.

Construction Teams: Analyses and Perspectives

An article about a team of construction workers is being conducted in order to gain insights into their work. The study objectives are to gain a better understanding of the team’s communication, teamwork, and individual strengths. The study will also use the study population as a resource in order to develop future research questions about the construction team.

The Role of Attention in the Preparation and Achieving of Observation

A research about the growth of both the desire to observe and the preparation for observing may be found in Patell's article, "Observation: A Primer." According to Patell, both the willingness and ability to pay attention have a big impact on our ability to become learned observers. She begins her article with an overview of what it takes to be a good observer, noting that it is important to have understanding of children's spontaneous behaviors and needs in order to be able to extract the mostinformed observations. Furthermore, observation requires a deep Respect for Our Work. This phrase carries a lot of meaning in American society today, where many people are constantly bombarded with information at all times. Consequently, we need more people who can truly appreciate the meaning behind each day. Manythings worthwhile come about through 'the delicate handling of sharp blades'. The author discussesrespect for one's work in light of offering awareness& observations leading up tothe Achieving Observation Goal:To Finally Understand Our Patients.

My First InsectJourney: Diary of a Bug

A paper about insects can be exciting due to the fact that they are such a major part of nature and their life cycles! Insects undergo many changes during their life cycles, from pupae to adults. Each phase has its own particular challenges and opportunities for observation! In this set of journals, primary grade students can record their observations of insects during their life cycles. Each journal is formatted the same so it's simple to explain the procedures. Each page has space for the date, writing, and a picture. The pages can be used in either order or at different times during the school year. The students can choose to write formal English paragraphs about their observations in each journal, or they could use them as units in Projects/Reports tied to specific subject matter areas within science!

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