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Online Product Reviews Consumers : The Studies

These studies on Online Product Reviews Consumers are fascinating and worthwhile to know.

The Effects of Preference Bias on Review Numbers

A study about online reviews has shown that due to self-selection bias, there is a J-shaped curve when it comes to the number of positive and negative reviews for a product. This can be seen by looking at the number of consumers who have favorable predispositions towards the product and who write reviews. However, those who have extreme ratings are also more likely to write reviews then those with moderate ratings. This can create an acquittal bias in which people are more likely to believe that the product is good than it actually is.

Online Product Reviews Consumers : The Studies

Online Product Reviews Provide Helpful Information and swayed purchase decisions

A study about the perceptions of helpfulness of online product reviews was conducted. It was found that many consumers believe that online product reviews are helpful in deriving information about a product and swaying a purchaser's decision.

The Trust of Online Consumers in Authentic and Quality Products

A study about consumer trust in online product has been conducted to understand the factors that affect it. The study found that consumers trust online product less when there is uncertainty about the quality or authenticity of the product.

Reviews Helping to CauseConsumer Choice

An evaluation about the effect of reviews on the competition between two companies found that the more positive reviews a product has, the more likely it is to be chosen by consumers as a favorite choice. The study also showed that once a product reaches a threshold of positive reviews, it is pretty much guaranteed to be picked as the company's top choice by consumers. However, if the product fails to reach this critical level, then it may have problems finding new customers.

Online Reviews of Health Services Reveal Many Users Experience Unsatisfied Experiences

A journal about online reviews of health services (Ogilvy & Mather, 2016) found that they offer unique insights into the consumer journey and factors associated with satisfaction. Overall, the studies found that online reviews are reflective of real-world experiences and can provide useful information for consumers who want to make healthy choices about their healthcare.

The Impact of Online Review Variability on Consumer Adoption Intents

An article about the impact of online review variance on consumer adoption intentions was conducted. It showed that the indirect effect of online review variance on consumer adoption intentions was significantlymediated by perceived unique. This means that people who hold an indulgent value view online reviews as a source of information that can influence their purchase decision.

The Negative Review Revolution: How Reviews Help Customers Make Choices

A research about online reviews has shown that they play an important role in customersÂ’ decision-making process. When they make a purchase, customers are more likely to write negative reviews than those that follow a nonreturned purchase. This is because the negative reviews tend to be more detailed and depict the product in a negative light.

Online Reviews and Retail Sales: The Link

A study about online reviews and their effect on retail sales found that consumers who read online product reviews are more likely to buy the product. The study also found that the effect was lower for products rated by other consumers.

The Influence of Online Reviews on Product Sales

An article about the effect of online reviews on new product sales has shown that the stronger effect is for search engine visibility. However, relative to what is more important, the volume of pageviews or reviews.

Online reviews offer a new level of insight into how a product is perceived by the public

A journal about the quality of online reviews found that many consumers are able to tell retailers and others about what they think about products. Online reviews can provide a new level of insight into how a product is perceived by the public, and have been used in a variety of initiatives (Lee & Yang, 2015; Lee & Bradlow, 2011).

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