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Online Product Reviews Forecasting Sales : The Studies

Online Product Reviews Forecasting Sales is main topic you will see these studies.

Herbalife: the most popular physician herbs

An inquiry about online reviews for different physician Doctors found that the most popular reported physician herbs by online review are those that are comparatively weaker in terms of side effects. For example, Herbalife typically has relatively fewer side effects when used as a diet supplement opposed to more known brands like weight loss drugs.

Online Product Reviews Forecasting Sales : The Studies

Online reviews improve accuracy of large García Márquez books

A paper about the value of online product reviews found that the addition of online reviews improves the accuracy of a large Gabriel García Márquez book by 54%.

The Negative Online Effect on Customer Opinions: Revisited

A paper about online product reviews suggests that they have a significant impact on product sales, revenue, and market competition. However, the impact can be two-sided. Online reviews can influence consumer judgment by providing important information about the product. However, the impact may also be negative if users involved in review ratings or postings are not properly credentialed or if one's own bias affects their judgement in a negative way.

The Worst Slot Machine Games on the Internet

An evaluation about online reviews of online slot machine games found that many online slot machine players feel that the games are confusing and offer poor payouts. Many also feel that the games are very easy to lose money.

The Role of Online Reviews in Predicting Online Sales

A research about online reviews and product sales has shown that online reviews can play a significant role in predicting online product sales. The study found that sentiment towards products and promotion strategies can also contribute to online product sales.

The Power of Online Reviews to Predict Online Product Sales

An article about online products sales reported that, the use of online reviews, promotional strategies, and sentiment can help predict online product sales. The authors used a big data architecture to scrape Amazon.com and found that these factors correlated in predicting product sales.

International Forecaster's recommendations for decision-making

A paper about international forecasting by the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) found that despite the lack of perfect hindsight, international forecasts are very good at estimating future events in the short-term, medium-term and long-term. They make excellent calls for resources and important decisions, even when these events are not foreseeable at the time of writing.

The Effect of Online Reviews on New Product Sales

An analysis about the effect of online reviews on new product sales for consumer electronics and video games was conducted. The study found that, whilst the value of pages views (measured as a percentage of total sales) is more important in affecting search engine Rankings, the importance of prices also has an impact.

Determining the Impact of Reviews on Sales

An inquiry about the relationship between reviews and sales results in the conclusion that reviews can have a significant impact on sales. By reading customer reviews, sellers can determine whether or not to produce the product. When choosing a product, sellers should also consider what customers have said about it.

The Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth on Sales

An evaluation about the effect of electronic word of mouth on sales was conducted. A total of 113 salespeople who were selling products online were asked to NVP a list of offers they had prepared. Out of these, 60% provided glowing reviews for the products they had sold. Furthermore, 36% believed that positive word-of-mouth endorsement (WOM) played a significant role in increasing sales on their website.

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