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Online Reputation Systems : The Studies

We discovered a few Online Reputation Systems studies with intriguing findings.

Online reputation systems: Bridging the Gap between Old and New Technology

A paper about online reputation systems found that many such systems use "old technology" that is not well-suited to the transmission of knowledge and expertise. The authors recommend developing new, more efficient approaches that can be incorporation into online reputation systems.

Online Reputation Systems : The Studies

The Trust- Building Process with Negative Feedback

A study about online reputation systems has found that comments given in reaction to negative feedback are an important factor in the trust-rebuilding process. Comments often Played an important role in the trust-building process because they could give positive or negative Feedback, and often provide a way to communicate with other users.

The Use of Preference Networks to Evaluate Employee Evaluations

A study about reputation systems has emerged in the last few years, with a strong focus on developing work that can be used by businesses and organizations to evaluate who is worth their time and resources. This paper presents a survey of this research, from surveys of existing systems to experiments with new systems.

The Role of Feedback Comments in Reputation Systems

A paper about the effects of feedback comments on reputation systems was conducted. The findings show that the trust-rebuilding function of feedback comments is highly relevant to reputation systems. Comments that are positivefeedback tend to increase the trust level of a person, while comments that are negativefeedback tend to causeto decrease trust levels.

Trust, Reputation, and Customer Satisfaction in Online Services

A review about trust and reputation systems in online services has been conducted. The study found that there are different Trust and Reputation Systems for online service providers. Trust significantly correlates with customer satisfaction, while reputation declines significantly with customer negative feedback. Online service providers using trust-based models tend to have higher customer satisfaction rates than those using reputation-based models.

The Evolution of Social Media Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide

An evaluation about social media and e-reputation system in global marketing found that its greater the interest online, the greater the importance of . In addition, social media has been found to be an effective tool for marketing .

Reputation Systems Driven Anticipatory Strategies in a Search Market

A review about "reputation systems" in a search market provides an interesting perspective on the determination of equilibrium search patterns. In a market with asymmetric information, sellers create reputations by their past behavior. This can lead to efficient searches by buyers because they expect the same quality from the seller who has sold them something before.

The Impact of Reputation Systems on Search Markets

A review about simple reputation systems was conducted to analyze how they can affect search markets with asymmetric information. The study found that it using a market-based punishment to ensure that sellers behave in a way that benefits buyers. They also showed how a system with good reputations can outbid a system with low reputations in an equilibrium search market.

The Relationship between Positive Reviews and Sustainability

An evaluation about online reputation and sustainability was conducted using a bibliometric approach. 632 journal articles were analyzed to find out what factors have an impact on it. The main results showed that positive reviews are more important than negative reviews when it comes to touristsÂ’ perceptions of a company. Positive reviews are also more important when it comes to the sustainable image of a company.

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