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Online Retailing Ethics : The Studies

The primary topic of these studies is Online Retailing Ethics.

Online Retailer Ethics Survey

A research about ethical issues related to online retailing has been conducted. The study found that many consumers havecerns about the ethics of online shopping. The vast majority of earlier research on this issue is conceptual in nature, and limited in scope by focusing on consumers’ privacy issues. This study developed a scale to measure these concerns, which is most reliable and valid yet.

Online Retailing Ethics : The Studies

Online Retailing Ethics Issues: A Survey

An inquiry about consumers’ perceptions of ethical issues in the retail setting wasconducted using a scale measuring consumerperceptions of (CPEOR). Results suggested that several ethicalissues exists in today’s online retailing market, such as security and privacy.

The influence of online retail on retail sales

A study about the trends in retail sales was conducted by Gielens in order to analyze the current state of knowledge in the field. The study focused on 11 specific retail channels, including Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Clothes boutiques, Department stores, and Online retailers. The purpose of the study was to determine how well each channel understands consumer needs and vies against one another. Overall,Gielens found that Supermarkets performed best in understanding consumer needs while Grocery stores and Department Stores rank higher than any other channel. However,Online Retailers fared worse than either Grocery stores or Department Stores when it came to understanding consumer needs.

The Best E-Commerce Customer Relationship Management Systems for Online Retailers

A study about customer relationship management systems for online retailers was performed by Agag, El-masry, Alharbi, and Ahmed Almamy in order to identify dimensions of e-commerce from consumers' points of view. Their goal is to establish a valid measuring Instrument.

The Ethical Negotiation of Online Retailers

A review about the perceptions of consumers regarding online retailers’ ethics was conducted by Sergio Román and Pedro J. Cuestas of Business 83. The study found that a majority of consumers feel that online retailers are not meeting the ethical standards set for the industry. This sentiment is especially prevalent among those in the luxury fashion and home accessory markets. Additionally, most consumers feel that online retailers lack trustworthiness and understanding towards customers.

The Effect of Cultural Factors on Consumer Perception in Online Retailing

A journal about ethics in online retailing has been conducted in Turkish Cyberspace. The study found that while there is some variety in customer perceptions of value, the generally accepted value drivers remain largely the same. In addition, these drivers are deeply influenced by cultural factors, especially the values and beliefs of the customers.

Indian E-commerce Shoppers shift towards Grocery Shopping

A study about the current trends in online retailing in India reveals that it is moving from consumer durables and apparels to groceries and e-to-m. This shift is being driven by a desire for convenience, better value for money, and access to low-cost products. The study found that the consumers in India areEGR (Early stage investors) and RAG (Radical Investors). The consumers of e-commerce shop for food and health products as the mainstays of their diet, while groceries make up a significant part of their shopping cart. In terms of wallet content, the study found that customers are more likely to purchase items such as pulses, pulses bundles, houses, and other small items from scrimmage websites rather than fromrador based stores.

The Journal of Ethics: Research on Ethics Issues

A study about the published works in the Journal of Ethics reveals that there are many different types of ethical theory and research topics being studied. The journal has a wide range of styles, making it an ideal place to publish research on morals and ethical principles.

evaluate the impact of media ethics journals

A paper about a major journal, Media Ethics, has recently been published with an Impact Factor of 0.419. This highly respected journal is devoted to stimulating reasoned discussions of media ethics and morality among academic and professional groups in the various branches and subdisciplines of communication and media studies. The journal’s editors are highly respected within their field and it is clear that they take the importance of ethics seriously. This makes Media Ethics a must-read journal not just for academics but also for professional groups working in related fields.

The impact of online merchandising on retail sales

A review about the internet retailing management revealed that, overall, most of the papers focused on strategies focusing on online merchandising and online store design.The conclusion stated that this is done because there are many benefits to doing so, including cutting costs and improving efficiency.

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