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Online Retailing Growth : The Studies

Online Retailing Growth studies are still relevant, here are some of good ones.

The global online sports retailing market: Overview and Analysis

A study about the global online sports retailing market reveals that the segment is growing at a rate of 8.4%. In 2017, retail sales of online sports items totaled USD 129.5 billion, an increase of 21%. The main reasons for this growth include the emergence of new platforms and mobile apps in the industry and a decline in physical media sales.

Online Retailing Growth : The Studies

The Economic Benefits of Groupon

A journal about the effects of Groupon on retail prices found that for its first year, the offer generated an overall increase in prices by $337 million. Groupon's ability to create a unique shopping experience for customers has resulted in an overall increase of prices for goods and services purchased from merchants. The study also found that Groupon's presence in the marketplace has resulted in an increase of total retail sales by 2.5%. Overall, the study found that Groupon has had a positive impact on profits for businesses large and small.

The Future of Online Retailing

A study about the present and future prospects of online retailing conducted by eMarketer in 2020 predicted that there will be a billion people using the internet to buy goods and services within the next five years. This shift towards online retailing is being driven by a variety of factors, including the improved economy, technological innovation, and increasing consumer demand. What this means for businesses is that they need to keep up with the changing customer demands in order to stay competitive. As online retailing continues to grow, businesses that can capitalize on this trend will enjoy a brighter future.

The Happy Shopper: How Website Design-Based Strategies Can Improve Marketing Results

An evaluation about effective online shopping practices found that websites design-based strategies in three strategic areas-convenience, experiential/relationship, and trust- can improve marketing results. The study found that websites with better convenience features are more likely to sell more products and make more sales. In contrast, websites with better relationships featuring customers and management are more likely to be successful in promoting a purchase. Finally, sites that feature high levels of trust were most successful in achieving positive consumer feedback.

Online Baby Retailers Shifting focus to More Affordable Products

An inquiry about online baby products retailing sector in India has revealed that the market size for online baby products will grow by USD 13.61 from 2021 to 2022, at a CAGR of 9.82%. In 2021, there were lot of online newborn and infant infant products available for purchase globally. With BabiesBots and Amazon Prime Day bringing in more interested buyers, chances are increasing for online baby retailers to keep up with the competition. Online baby products include both mom and dad’s favorite items like cribs, diapers, wipes, high chair/toddler seats and other related items for parenting children. It is expected that this market will grow due to the new parents’ desire to keep their babies close while they are away at work or on errands. Additionally, many parents are looking to save money on quality items while having their children under one roof.

The Global Online Apparel Retail Market: Segmentation and Forecast to 2021

A journal about the online apparel retail market has revealed that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% over the forecast period. The study further reveals that global online apparel retail market has been witnessing rapid growth due to increasing development of e-commerce platforms and leakage of leading game companies from USDT sector. Majority of over garment retailers are Soft Machine Glove, which reflects the growing demand for garments that are comfortable, fresh and affordable. In terms of geography, North America dominated the market, with Europe and Asia registering opposite growth rates (CAGR 6.5% and 2%, respectively). The online apparel retail market is being driven by top-notch ecommerce platforms, attractive sales promotions by publishers such as Kim Kardashian West’s clothing line as well as incurring discounts by leading online retailers. Furthermore, high demand for convenience accessed sans having to leave one’s workplace has fuelled nimble growth in this segment. The restraints on importation have drawn attention from key players in the segment such as Walmart, who seem to be focusing more on exporting products than selling them through traditional channels such as online and offline stores. Online apparel retail sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.

Petitioners Strategy to Sweep China's TopRetailers withcross-Channel Integration

An article about the impact of cross-channel integration on retailers’ sales growth has been conducted by Lanlan Cao Li. The study found that better combination of channels can lead to higher sales performance for retailers. In terms of economic theory, this increased effectiveness can be explained by the integral fact that market demand and production are inversely related. Therefore, when a retailer links its channels in a complementary way, they will be able to combine their resources and reach an even greater market share. This will give rise to higher profits and reduced expenses.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Internet Retailers

A study about the studies on the internet retailing management found that there are six main incentives for firms to adopt the Internet as their primary marketing channel. One, in particular, is to reach a global audience. Second, to diminish the physical presence of stores online. Third, to maximize profits through online sales and other revenue streams. Fourth, to reduce costs associated with direct marketing campaigns on websites and in store windows. Fifth, and finally, to improve consumer behavior through educa-tion and targeted content marketing campaigns on the web.

The Economic Impact of Retailing on Society

A study about the impact of retailing on society found that the global industry generated $1.52 trillion in economic output in 2017. This number is expected to grow by 7.4 percent annually through 2024, with an added $2.76 trillion in value added (VA) over the same period. The global retail industry is an important driver of growth and job creation, pushing more people out of poverty and into the middle class around the world.

The Future of Shopping Online: A Study of Consumer Behavior

An evaluation about the growth of online retailing and sustainable marketing found that consumers are increasingly shopping online. The study also found that the benefits of online shopping are multiple, such as convenience, better price, flexibility, variety, and access to information. This growth is the result of consumers’ improved ability to shop online as well as the benefits related to online shopping, including convenience (Sorce, Perotti, and Widrick, 2005), better price (Teo, 2002), flexibility (Wu, 2003), variety, and access to information.

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