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Online Social Media Platforms : The Studies

These studies about Online Social Media Platforms are interesting and good to know.

Social Networks and Media Use among College Students

A study about social networks and media was conducted among students of last year's college of technology. This study found that social networks and media can be very helpful in getting to know new people, finding advice on various topics, as well as helping students connect with friends they may not have met before.

Online Social Media Platforms : The Studies

The Top Ten Best Online Journals for Thought Oration in 2022

A study about the best journals of 2022 has found that many people are using online journals as a way to keep track of their thoughts and continue to write after a long day at work or school. Some of the best journals for those reasons include Evernote, Google Keep, and Paper.

The 5 Types of Journaling That Generate Maximum Creativity

A study about creativity and journaling creativity is all around us, it's just a question of what we take notice of. People seem to think that creativity comes from great ideas, but in truth, creativity can come from anything. If you really let yourself go, you can be creative in any area of your life. In fact, the best way to be creative is to start with what you're passionate about. When you start taking notice of your emotions and sensations, things get very interesting indeed. Many people believe that creativity centers around lots of hard work- but this couldn't be further from the truth. When it comes to creativity, there are no limits as long as you put your mind to it! What don't require any effort at all can actually led to some amazing results if you take the time necessary for them. When it comes to Journals or diaries, journaling should always be treated with respect- not like a personal attack or season pass waiting for you at the end of the year! Because there's nothing nicer than having something full of You- feeling productive and accomplished after a long Labor Day weekend!

The campaign against social media in Iraq:actic or strategic?

A research about the use of social media networks in Iraq has shown that the platform is used to delegitimize government and religious institutions,espionage and terrorist activities, to spread propaganda, and to intimidate individuals. These activities are conducted by a number of actors with a number of motives, including control over information or influence operations at scale.

The Power of Social Media in the Workplace

A journal about the different uses of social media tools in the workplace has revealed that there is a vast amount of potential for using these platforms to improve communication and collaboration within organisations.

The Effect of Social Media Use on Pediatric Health Care

A research about social media use in pediatric health care was conducted by Rework, Inc. (2015). The study found that more pediatricians are using social media to communicate with their patients. Seventy percent of pediatricians said they used social media to exchange information and 68% said they used it to receive feedback from patients. Almost all pediatricians reported that they have seen an improvement in the way they patient interacts on social media since starting to use social media.

The Uses and Reactions of Social Media

A journal about online social media platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn reveals that they are primarily used for communicating with others. Although there are some uses for social media beyond just communicating with others, the main applications of social media are primarily used to connect with others.

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