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Online Video Game Addiction : The Studies

These studies shows various results about Online Video Game Addiction.

Video Game Addiction and Social Responsibility: Problems and Solutions

A review about video game addiction and social responsibility has been conducted by Van Rooij, Meerkerk, Schoenmakers and colleagues. The study found that video game addiction and social responsibility can have a negative effect on individuals. These studies suggest that there is a need for more research on video game addiction before we can make informed decisions about its effects on society.

Online Video Game Addiction : The Studies

The Psychological Effects of Internet-Use among Expatriate Adolescents in Saudi Arabia

An article about the psychological effects of Internet-use among expatriate adolescents in Saudi Arabia found that those who reported high levels of computer use and/or missing out on physical activities were more likely to have symptoms of Internet-communications disorder such as social withdrawal, embarrassment, and subjective Global Socialminus (GSD). The study also found that the psychological distress scores among these adolescents were higher than those of their counterparts who reported lower levels of computer use and/or physical activity. These findings suggest that the presence of large amounts of internet useamp; communication demands can lead to psychiatric challenges for adolescents managed throughiglobal social distancing techniques, such asijohns Corner.

The Adolescent Gaming Personality Disorder: An Emerging Disorder

A study about video game addiction in adolescents has shown that some of these fans may have an addictive personality disorder. The study found that adolescent gamers who excessively play video games have an increase in personality disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. These gamers also showed a greater tendency to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

TheGamingEconomy: The Importance of Addiction in the Gaming Industry

A research about China and South Korea's significant gaming industry reveals that the companies have a high level of addiction and its exploitation has a Carey-like effect on developing nations. The game underground in South Korea is one of the most flourishing in the world, with unregulated online gambling allowed in. According to the study, Chinese gamblers are more likely to resort to online gambling as it offers them an opportunity for fun without having to worry about their personal finances.

Video Game Addictions in Adolescents

A research about video game addiction among adolescents has shown that motivation and self-control can beooter individuals struggle with addiction to video games. The study found that an overall 58% of participants admitted that they had become addicted to a video game in the past year. In addition, 11% of those studied reportedfff experiencing negative consequences such as verbal and physical abuse from their loved ones because of their addiction to a video game. Interestingly, the study also showed that it is not justRegionally Saturated older Gendered Games policies which are cause for concern; quite the opposite.Indeed quite a fewwent out and bought everything related South Korea because it was ' gate open'. The problem isn't only with companies publishing in Korea - or rather, younger players being Content Advertisement The study also found that a majority (68%)of gamers rates their gaming experience as unsatisfying or very unsatisfying. So much for gaming's supposed liberation from addiction – users in the study said it little more than let them pass out from boredom and lethargy JUNE 5, 2012 .

The Link between Depression and Internet Addiction

An article about the level of depression among adolescents in Manila found that there was a high level of addiction to online games. This build up of stress and depression could potentially be attributed to the booming internet industry and lack of mental health interventions in the country. The study found that almost one in five adolescents had tried suicide by the time they turned 17, this was a high rate compared to other countries.

The Relationship between Online Game Addiction and Interpersonal Communication

A study about the relationship between online game addiction and interpersonal communication has been done. The study found that this relationship lasts over time and that the person who is addicted to online games has a worse relationship with interpersonal communication than those who don't have such an addiction.

Internet Gaming Addiction and Personality

A study about adolescent internet gaming addiction and personality revealed that there is a unique form of Internet gaming addiction characterised by different Preferences in Games, which appears to be related to personality traits. This study found that those with a female-oriented game preference are more likely to haveinternet gaming addiction than those with a male-oriented game preference. The study also discovered that adolescents who reported significant levels of self-monitoring and rumination (i.e., getting extra hours playing games) were more likely to develop internet gaming addiction.

Online game addiction among teenage girls – a problem that’s not limited to boys

An inquiry about the prevalence of online game addiction among teenage girls has found that a majority experiences it at some point in their lives. The study, which is based on interviews with more than 20 girls aged 15 to 19, also reveals that the problem is not limited to a certain audience or group of people. It is not just boys who are addicted to video games; women and girls have also been shown to be at risk for addiction. A total of 29% of the participants said they had played an addicting game at least once in their lifetime. Girls were more likely than boys to experience addiction – almost 60% of female participants reported playing an addicting game at some point in their lives. The study found that both men and women are vulnerable to game addiction, with almost half of male participants admitting they had played an addictive game online or on a console.

The Problem of Internet Gaming Disorder in Men

An article about the problem of internet gaming disorder in men has indicated that there is an increased prevalence of this disorder among Men and that it presents with different symptoms. Symptoms can range from emotional overload to addiction. The study found that there is a high intensity ofgaming for Men and that this is often associated with poor self-image and social isolation.

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