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Online Video Games Addiction : The Studies

These are intriguing studies about Online Video Games Addiction that are useful to know.

South Korea's Fatigue System: A Success in reducingGaming Time

A study about gaming addiction in China and South Korea has shown that a type of system has been successful in reducing gaming time for individuals who are addicted to the game. The Fatigue System is designed to make it more difficult for people to spend excessive time playing a game. Less rewards can be obtained if someone spends more time gaming, which has negative consequences for an individual’s mental health and social life.

Online Video Games Addiction : The Studies

The Psychological Distress of Expatriate Adolescents Who Are Addicted to Online Gaming

A study about online gaming addiction and psychological distress among expatriate adolescents in Saudi Arabia found that such addiction leads to symptoms of Internet-communication disorder, such as rumination, avoidance, feelings of emptiness and anxiety. Additionally, these boys felt psychologically distressed due to their online obsession.

Video Game Addiction: Psychological effects

A study about video game addiction has shown that people who are addicted to video games can experience negative psychological effects. The study found that people who are addicted to video games can have problems with their mood, decision-making, and self-esteem. The study also found that the addictions were more likely to be long-lasting.

video game addiction: A mental disease or a moral panic?

A study about video game addiction has been conducted and it seems that people may often get attracted to the games due to the sense of excitement they give. The study found that between 50% and 75% of people who develop an addiction to video games end up pursuing it for long periods of time. It is important to know that this addiction is not just a mental disease, but rather a moral panicking phenomenon which often harms the player’s social lives andRelationship ..... games like Call of Duty, Halo, Shooter etc). The article goes on to talk about how there have been surveys done in which people have stated that they began playing video games when they were six years old. According to the article, many players do not realize how addicted this activity can become and believe that it is just a developmental need for children.

Do Gaming Addicts Have Depression?

An article about game addiction and depression among players in the Philippines found that 29.9 million gamers were recorded as having depression, an increase from the 12.2 millionathamakers in 2009. The study also documented a high incidence of depressionamongstationers in the Philippines Compared to other countries, the incidence of depression is highestin the Philippines due to pervasive internet gaming andahammering culture there.

Addictiveness of Video Games and Their Effects on Adolescents

A study about online game addiction among adolescents showed that there is a high level of motivation for people to play games because it provides them with strong emotional experiences. These emotional experiences can lead to feelings of joy, happiness, and sadness, which in turn can have negative consequences. The study also found that adolescents who are addicted to games often feel like they cannot stop playing them even if they have concerns about their health or social lives.

An Online Addiction to Gaming and Its Predictors

A paper about adolescent gaming addiction and personality is currently underway in order to better understand theacies and potential dangers of this growing problem. The study’s participants were divided into two groups: those who had never played video games, and those who had joined an online game in the past year.Results showed that those within the first group were more likely to display signs of gaming addiction in terms of levels of intake and gambling behavior. In contrast, those within the second group showed little signs of struggling with their addiction. players are young adults who have invested a significant amount of time and energy intoVideo Games., . hat there may be long-term effects on such a vital part of their development,. adolescents addicted to Video Games" by Jeri Lisle Purcell (University Press of Queensland) based on an unused, unstructured review from Apr 2nd, 2018.

Online video game addiction in adolescents

A paper about the prevalence of online game addiction among teenagers was carried out. The study found that while there is no specific form of addiction to video games, there is a high level of susceptibility to it. According to the study, between 9 and 21 percent of adolescents have admitted to playing video games for hours on end without any apparent harm. This addictions are often carried out online, where players can be located in all corners of the globe. It is important to consider that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how addictive playing video games can be. For some people, gaming can provide escape andHarmony; RELEASE NOTES Some may find games therapeutic while others may become addicted simply because they find the game engaging and lucrative. anybody who has ever fallen victim to a social media addiction knows how lure comes with just one more post or short message to share with their friends or complete an online challenge. Addiction therapy through online treatments are becoming more popular due to the fact that they usually only require minimal individual commitment from their partakers and don’t require face-to-face interactions which can lead to addiction in real life settings . One drawback of using such treatments though is that they are based mainly oncoun.

Video game addiction: the real life problem

A paper about video game addiction has revealed that up to three percent of people play video games regularly. Considering that billions of people around the planet play video games, this is a large amount,” says Cam Adair, founder of Quitters, a support community that offers resources to those suffering from .

Online Gaming Disorder and Interpersonal Dysfunction: A Preliminary Study

A research about relationship between online game addiction and interpersonal dysfunction was conducted. Results indicated that there is a high percentage of people with mental disorder who are involved in online games. The study found that family functioning in people with mental disorder is disruptive and non-existent. It is emphasized that more care should be given to those who have mental illness so they can lead a fulfilling life.

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