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Salary Gap Education : The Studies

Salary Gap Education is the primary focus of these studies.

The gender pay gap for the highly educated: A national overview

An inquiry about the gender pay gap for the educated found that, on average, women earn less than men for the same work completed. The study used the 1993, 2003, and 2010 National Survey ofCollege Graduates to examine this issue.

Salary Gap Education : The Studies

The Gender Pay Gap and Your Productivity

A study about the effect of salary gap on performance yielded interesting results. Participants who were paid less than their workers of the same skill level generally exhibited lower ratings of productivity and quality, as well as a decreased conviction for their job in comparison to those who received more money. This was most glaring when observed in fields such as sales and marketing, where lower-paid employees are often called upon to handle more difficult RESPONSIBILITIES.

The wage gap between faculty and Employee: Why the gap persists

A study about the wage gap between faculty and Employee revealed that, on average, white faculty earn more than their African-American counterparts. The gender wage gap was also narrower for white faculty (77 percent). However, the wage gap between Black and white faculty was almost identical at 87 percent.

The Gender Pay Gap in the Workplace: A Picture of Hope

An inquiry about women in the workforce showed that they have more opportunity to earn a living when compared to men. For example, women earn on average $7.69 per hour while men earn $9.63 per hour. This pay discrepancy goes beyond simply earning and working alone; women are also more likely than men to take administrative and support jobs, such as office work, customer service, and recording music. As a result of the gender pay gap, many woman are forced to work lower-paid jobs or in sectors where their skills may not be fully utilised.

The Lawrence- von Kármán Award for Excellence in EducationResearch in Education

A journal about teacher pay found that, on average, they make less than other workers with similar levels of education. This finding is true as far as it goes — but it doesn't really go very far. In a recent study by Andrew Biggs and Jason Richwine, for example, teachers make about 19% less than other workers who are paid the same amount for the same job.

The Wage Gap in Thailand Will Close by 2030

A review about the effect of education and experience on wages found that the wage gap will narrow in Thailand and the income inequity will be reduced when the modern sector starts absorbing labors from the rural market. The study showed that while there is currently a large wage difference between Bangkok and the countryside, this gap will narrowing when more laborers start working in the modern sector. This will reduce the amount of labor required to produce goods and services in Thailand, which will free up more money to be allocated to personal income.

The wage gap narrows for women once they reach a certain income level

A journal about the wage gap found that the gap narrows for women once they reach a certain income level. This is probably because women are more willing to take on extra work to afford a higher income. The study also found that women’s earnings are not as volatile as men’s earnings volatility. So, over time, women may eventually earn closer to what men earn.

The Wealth of Low-Income States: Teacher Salaries explain the Gap

A paper about states' pay packets revealed that while teachers in "have-it" states are paid a fairly high salary, those in "have-not" states have a smaller payout. The study also showed that the gap between the statewide average teacher salary and the national average salary amongst lower-income states widened between 2009 and 2014. This means that when it comes to receiving a living wage, teachers in "have-not" states are left out of the loop.

The Demographics of the College Graduation Population: Implications for Employment

A paper about early- stages college graduates has shown that they are less likely to find employment after leaving college than those who only completed a 4-year degree. This is due to the fact that they have not yet regained their educational and occupational classes.

A Gap in Women's Pay, Stalled by Restrictions on RN Salary Pay

An article about the gender pay gap in nursing show that the pay gap is especially large and closes more slowly for women RNs, who collectively comprise less than 17% of the RN workforce. Analysts say the lack of parity in return for podium accomplishments in many industries, often forces women into lower-paid jobs and limits their opportunities for advancement.

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