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Salary Gap In Sports : The Studies

These studies on Salary Gap In Sports are fascinating and useful to know.

The Impact of Point production onNBA Salaries

An article about salaries in the National Basketball Association revealed that points per game, rebounds, and personal fouls play a significant role in salary. In 2013-2014, there was a trend of WAR (Wins Above Replacement) players outperforming players who didn’t land in that category. At least 181 WAR players earned more than $1 million per year as shown by their WAR totals including bonuses. These average salaries rose among position players but decreased for big men like Robinson or LeBron James. This study shows that point production may not be the only factor that affects one’s salary when it comes to the NBPA all-star first team.

Salary Gap In Sports : The Studies

Some Top NBA Players Reearn incredibly High Earnings

A study about NBA player salaries reveals that many top players earn very high amounts of money. Some are paid well over $20 million a year, while others only make a fraction of that amount. This study attributes high earners to several factors, such as their skillset and experience.

The Life Path of Athlete

An analysis about professional athletes has shown that, although these individuals have lucrative salaries and championships, their lives are mostly spent away from home, in other sports organizations. These athletes have to spend time with their families and friends, as well as their team mates. They also have to manage multiple projects such as their nutrition and physical education because they don’t always have time for all of them.

The Gender Pay Gap: Why It persists and What to do About It

An inquiry about the persistence of pay inequality: men and women earn different amounts of money for the same job. The gender pay gap in an advertised job was found to be 5.8%. This large pay difference is mainly caused by a difference in advertised pay rates as well as individual differences between men and women. Of course, control for other factors would explain some of the remaining gaps, but it is important to note that these disparities are largely unchanged when controlling for key structural and individual-level covariates.

The Averages of Sports Business Journals Salaries 2017

An evaluation about salary trends at Sportsbusiness Journalreveals that the average salary for an employee is $50,089. This equates to an annual salary of $120,080. Salaries can vary greatly depending on the position and job title, but it is generally safe to assume that a position with at least $50,089 in earnings will provide great earns potential.

Richmond County Salary discrepancies: What can be done to reduce inequality?

A study about the gap in salaries between county boards in the Richmond County,Virginia area suggests that the salary discrepancy may be because of differences in experience and qualifications. The study found that both county commissioners and school board members make about $907.42 per month, while the chair of the county commission earns $968. The salary discrepancy could be because of a lack of experience or qualifications among these county boards' members. This situation may further be drawback as it could mean that individuals are being paid less than they would if they were from outside of the county or had more appropriate experience.

The Impacts of the Internal Salary Gap on Company Sustainability

An evaluation about the impact of the internal salary gap between executives and employees on a company’s sustainable development capabilities was recently conducted. The study found that the ratio of executives to employees is inversely proportional to the employee levels’ salary. When it comes to environmental responsibilities, Executive/Employee ratios are discordant. The study found that while 73% of privately owned Manufacturing companies have their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with a background in green technologies, only 48% of publicly owned Manufacturing companies have their CEO with such a background. This indicates an inverse relationship between executive and employee gender ratio and environmental responsibility within a company.

Executive pay and company performance: A literature review

A study about executive compensation gap and company performance found that in most cases, the internal salary gap between senior executives and company performance is larger than the external salary gap. This discrepancy can be explained by several factors such as differences in experience, skills, and qualifications. When it comes to executive compensation, companies often neglect the effects on company performance. c Karl Herschtman.

The Salaries of Journalists in America by Glassdoor

A journal about the Salaries of Journalists in America by Glassdoor has revealed that the average salary for a Journalist is $28,233. This amount may not seem like a lot, but according to the study, this amount can add up to a large paycheck if you're an experienced journalist. With experience and great writing skills, your average salary could go up significantly.

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