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Salary Gap Study : The Studies

Finding some good Salary Gap Study-related studies? Here are they.

Gender Pay Gap in the United States: Structural Causes & Unresolved Challenges

A review about male and female working. The wage gap between men and women in the United States has been greatly mythologized, with many eager to conceptualize all differences between men and women in terms of innate personal qualities or functional needs that could not be explained by disparities in work experience or pay. The study didactic Implicit Unions influence gender pay gaps across a number of occupation sectors, but the However, using structural cross-sectional research it was found that gender pay gaps vary with informal working conditions (such as female-only chaired committees in professional services). This includes hiring practices, the number of employees decision-making positions at company level, company size, hours worked per week, and job titles. Paper available here: Female Pay Gap & Structural Factors p7402.

Salary Gap Study : The Studies

The Effects of Salary Gap on Employee and Performances by McLaughlin

An article about the Effect of Salary Gap on Employees and Performances by K. McLaughlin The study results show that the salary gap has an incentive effect on employees and performances in corporate settings. The study found that the encephalopathy of pay is a major contributing factor to this incentive effect. gulfs in pay can lead to workers feeling undervalued and/or not able to meet their own needs. Additionally, employees who feel they are not given a fair raise or salary may leave their companies for greener pastures. This survey also found that, although there are many different factors that contribute to the increase or decrease of productivity, a large majority of those studied cited the salary gap as one key reason for it.

The Gender Wage Gap: An Overview during the1993-2010 Period

A journal about the gender salary gap for the educated reveals that men earn more than women after controlling for demographic, human capital, and occupational variables. This study confirms that the gender wage gap exists, and is relatively constant during the period 1993-2010.

What Are the Effects of Bans on Discrimination and Wages?

A study about the gender wage gap found that states with bans on job discrimination have smaller gaps in gender Paychecks than counterparts without bans. This is because these bans affect both the prevalence of such discrimination and how much it pays women to seek them out. The study, by Yale University economist, discusses the findings of a 2016 study about the wage gap in the United States. In that study, researchers looked at data from the Current Population Survey (CPS). The study found that states with bans on job discrimination had smaller gaps in gender paychecks than counterparts without bans. The reason for this is likely because these bans affect both the prevalence of such discrimination and how much it pays women to seek out jobs. The paper also points out that there is a lack of data about job discrimination and wages in other countries, so it is impossible to say for certain whether these effects exist elsewhere as well.

The Gender Pay Gap in the United States

An inquiry about international differences in the gender pay gap found that compressed male wage structures and lower female net supply are both associated with a lower gender pay gap. Reduced?form specifications indicate that the extent of collective bargaining coverage is also significantly negatively related to the gender pay gap.

The Compensation Gap and the Sustainable Development

A study about the compensation gap and the sustainable development found that an inverted U relationship exists between the manufacturing executive and employee salary gap ratio and employee productivity and sustainable growth rate. The study found that ESOP can reduce the inhibition of excessive internal compensation on employee productivity. The detailed study also found that ESOP design motivation can only improve from the employee perspective, but more so for those who have been in the management position for a longer time.

The wage gap between black and white faculty members: Is it cause and effect?

A paper about the wage gap between white and black faculty members shows that the pay discrepancy is large. The average salary for white male faculty members was $61,950 while the average salary for black female faculty members was $48,200. This difference can be found in a variety of fields, such asDoctoral programs and professional work. The gender wage gap between black and white faculty members is significant. occupational groups make up around 77 percent of the entire workforce according to a report by National Women's Law Center. therefore, those earning a higher salary typically have better job opportunities and more diverse backgrounds than their peers who earn less money. Moreover, women are often expected to take on jobs they may not be physically suited for or might face discrimination in at other workplaces.

Physician work hours and the gender pay gap in the New England region

An article about Physician Work Hours and the Gender Pay Gap - New England found that between-gender differences in the observed duration per visit were diminished, with female PCPs spending 12.1% more time (adjusted difference, 1.7 hours) than male PCPs. This discrepancy could be due to various reasons, such as the PhysiciansÂ’ Own Time law that requires equal time for consultations over video conferencing, or the extended hours for women working full-time compared to men working full-time. Furthermore, there is a gender pay gap in which women earn only 77% of what men earn. This study provides valuable information that can improve the overall processes and outcomes of health care delivery.

The gender pay gap among medical professionals: A report on the growing discrepancy

A study about the gender pay gap among doctors found that the discrepancy is widest for those in high-paying hospital jobs. The gender pay gap increased by almost 20% median wage for doctors earned over $100,000, compared to a mere six percent for Doctors in lower-paying jobs. This difference is likely due to differences in working conditions and opportunities: male doctors in high-paying jobs often receive more feedback from patients, leading to a better understanding of their work and .

How to close the gender pay gap in accounting: insights from data

An inquiry about the gender gap in accounting revealed that women are regularly pays less than their male colleagues. The study also found that there are many ways to reduce the difference between men and women in the accounting profession. By understanding these ways, we can begin to close this pay and promotion gap. There is a wide variation in the amount of money men and women earn for the same work. For example, men typically make about 72% more than women do when they get a job with the same title. Additionally, there are many different things that contribute to this pay gap. For example, people who work with numbers often get paid better than people who don't work with numbers. Therefore, reducing the gender pay gap is important for everyone involved in an accounting profession. One way to lower the pay gap is by promoting girls and girls-operator ratio into management positions as early as possible. This will help increase career opportunities for female accountants and create a more inclusive workplace. Additionally, companies should make sure to set minimum wages for all employees that coincide with statutory minimums in their country of origin or incorporation (i.e., no undercut). Finally, companies should make it easier for employees to unionize and receive benefits like paid holiday leave and medical insurance.

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