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Social Media Addiction Growing Concern : The Studies

Discussing Social Media Addiction Growing Concern-related studies is quiet challenging.


A paper about social media addiction and its impact on college students' mental health and academic performance was conducted. The study found that social media addiction can have a negative impact on college students' mental health, and that an intervention may be the best way to reduce its negative effects. The study also found that self-esteem is a mediator for the relations between social media addiction and academic performance.

Social Media Addiction Growing Concern : The Studies

“Addiction to Social Media and Its Effect on Behavior”

A journal about addiction to social media has shown that a large number of individuals abusing social media become symptomatic of the problem. This study looked at the usage and SPECT scans of addicts to see if there was any correlation between these variables. The researchers found that those addicted to social media had a higher level of conflict, mood swings, and behavioral changes than those who didn’t use Social Media.

The Importance of Being a Socially Media-Addicted Worker

A journal about social media addiction in the Milwaukee Community Journal found that more than one-fourth of adults{media addicted to social media} in the study said it interfered with their ability to focus on Woodlands Avenue, a business district in east Milwaukee. The study included interviewees who generally work in the businesses around Woodlands Avenue and those who do not have permanent jobs there. When asked about how social media was interfering with their ability to focus, 43% of those surveyed said that they were always or usually on social media when they should be working. Additionally, 38% said they had checked her or him Facebook or Twitter more than once during the work day. The study also found that worst offender was Patrizia Sulla, who stated she checks her phone an average of 5 times during work hours.

The Influence of Social Media on Self-Esteem Among College Students

An inquiry about social media addiction and self-esteem among college students revealed that there are some Interesting findings about social media addiction and self-esteem. The study sample consisted of 36 College students from various US universities. Results showed that there are many people who have gone through significant changes since they turned to social media for pleasure andescape from reality. According to the study, the following expressions of self-esteem coincided with increased use of social media platforms: online public masturbation, alcoholics Anonymous, online bullying, and cocaine use among Active users. In addition, the research found that Extraverted Individuals reported highest levels of self-esteem on social media platforms; however, they were reduce in active use when compared to introverted or shy individuals. Active users also reported higher levels of anxietyiosity; however, these expressions did not correlate with increased usage on social media platforms. Overall, this study suggests that using social media can not only do great harm in terms of impairing peoples’ mental health but can also increase their levels of self-esteem.

The Real Reason For Negative Outcomes With Social Media

A study about problematic social media use revealed that certain users are more prone to negative outcomes if they use social media excessively. The study found that individuals who Frequently comment on/apply common sense when it comes to using social media, are not as likely to have negative outcomes.

Are You a Social Media Addict?

An article about social media addiction is needed in order to determine the causes. participant descriptive in order to understand. 25 university students who consider themselves as social media addicts, were questioned about their reasons for being addicted to social media.most of them claimed that they were drawn into the sharing of images and posts due to a need for communication. however, it was also ascertained that not all social media addicts were frustrated by the electronic stimulus Speedway (www.speedway.net). Many people feel like they need to share everything with others on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because they are just not able to get enough written communication done in one dayTAKING MORE TIME TO WRITE WINNING ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

The Negative Effects of Social Media Addictions and Personality

A study about the effect of social media addiction and personality on individuals has been conducted. The study found that social media addiction and personality can have a significantly negative impact on an individual’s communication skills, mood, and overall life.

The Social Media Addiction and Its Associated Behaviorisms

A journal about the social media and technology addiction and its associated behaviors showed that young people are more than twice as likely to display addictive behaviors compared to adults. There are several reasons why the addiction may be developing in these individuals. Technology can provide a solace and escape from the difficult reality of their lives, but it can also be used as a way to build an identity, facilitate relationships and affirmation among friends, and elevate self-esteem. In many cases these substances can fuel addictions that cannot be resolved by simple coping mechanisms or quitting the addictive activities.

Social Media Addictions in the United Kingdom and United States

A study about social media addiction in the United Kingdom and the United States found that a majority of people seem to be extremely addicted to their personal social media platforms. Furthermore, many people seem to feel that they have no other way of spending their time, leading to a great deal of sadness and electronic blues.

The Negative effect of Social Media Addiction on Graduate Students

A study about social media addiction in learning settings has shown a noteworthy negative effect on graduate students. The study found that social media addiction Disorder interacted with other challenges such as cognitive and economic demands to have a negative impact on the students’ academic achievement. The study has drawn attention to the need for moreresearch in this area so that students can be equipped with the necessary resources needed to address their addiction.

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