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Social Media Advantages In Nursing : The Studies

The results of these studies about Social Media Advantages In Nursing are different.

How Social Media Can Benefit and Hurt Nursing

A study about the risks and benefits of using social media in nursing was conducted. The study found that social media can be beneficial for nurses in some ways, but can also have negative effects. The study also showed that nurses should be careful about how they use social media, and not use it to get too wrapped up in it.

Social Media Advantages In Nursing : The Studies

Nurses Use Social Media to Discuss Health Policy: Implications for nurses

An article about how social media can be used by nurses to discuss health policy was conducted by Miller and his team. The study found that through social media, nurses can better connect with colleagues in order to share their experiences and obtaininsights on health policy. The study found that nurses were also more likely to comment onPolicy changes when they felt that the concepts being discussedwere relevant to their work. Overall, the use of social media by nurses can provide them with a better understanding of howpolicy is related to their work and allow for better communication between policy-makersand healthcare workers.

The Use of Online Social Media Sites by Nurses

A study about Nurses' Use of Online Social Media SitesAmong Nurses has been conducted by the nursing organization LWW. The study found that nurses use social media sites in a variety of ways to share information and support their professional goals. In particular, nurses use social media to connect with other professionals, hear feedback about their work, and learn new techniques.

New Benefits of Social Media Use in Nursing

An article about social media use by nurses found that it can provide them with helpful educational resources and outlets. A vast majority of the group of health practitioners surveyed in a 2018 study agreed that social media can provide helpful educational benefits. For one, nurses can get information that is specific to their field of work. They also can find communities of nurses to chat with, learn from, and have valuable discussions with. Additionally, social media can help Nurses stay up-to-date on the latest nursing trends and developments. In sum, social media can be beneficial for nurses in a myriad of ways. Whether or not it is something that a nurse regards as an essential part of their job will largely come down to personal preferences.

The Role of Social Media in Nursing

A study about nursing and social media showed that nurses who use social media are more likely to use it to share information more frequently with patients, to have better knowledge about their surroundings, and to be more compassionate. They also felt that it provided a platform for them to grow as nurses. These benefits outweighed the risks associated with using social media.

Use of Social Media in Pregnant Women and their Babies: A Review

A study about the risk and benefit of social media use in pregnant women has shown that the increase in social media use during the first trimester posed a small but significant risk to their babies’ development. The study by Lisa A. Miller and her colleagues at the New England Medical Center found that although the use of social media among pregnant women had no overt effects on baby’s development, it did have indirect effects on their happiness and well-being. The study participants were retrospectively surveyed about their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube usage during the first trimester of their pregnancies. These were then measured two years later as to howHappy they felt using scale from 0 to 10; however, these values only rose modestly from baseline when compared to unexposed control subjects. However, when measuring baby's physical development at2 years old;Happy infantile Development score was actually lower in group preterm delivered babies who used social media instruments than those who did not (P < .001).

The Role of Social Media in Healthcare

A study about social media in healthcare was conducted.cliffe to find out how healthcare practitioners use social media as an educational tool. Overall, the study showed that most practitioners use social media for personal reasons and for professional development purposes. However, there are some who found it to be a destructive force that can negatively impact patient care.

Nurses' Online Networking Use as a tool to Enhance Career Development

A study about online networking among nurses showed that it can be effective for members of a nursing profession to develop relationships and make connections with other professionals. The study found that online networking can improve the individual's networking opportunities, confidence, and career growth. In particular, online networking allows nurses to exchange information and grow closer with other colleagues.

Technology in Nursing Education - An Opportunistic Perspective

A study about the potential benefits and drawbacks of technology in nursing education has revealed a number of potential advantages for the future of nursing education. First, with advancements in technology, nurses can more efficiently learn and apply information. Additionally, thanks to their sufficiency with technological tools, nurses can provide better patient care on-site. Although some concerns remain, such as the impact of new technology on student learning quality, overall the study provides optimistic prospects for the future of nursing education.

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