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Social Media Engagement Brand Loyalty : The Studies

This time, Social Media Engagement Brand Loyalty studies from various subtopics will be presented.

The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Loyalty

An article about the impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty found that firms using social media have a higher degree of brand loyalty than those that do not. In fact, 67 percent of respondents who said they were very or somewhat loyal to their favorite brands reported using social media to connect with customers. It was also found that companies with strong brand names and platforms were more likely to be Loyalty Partners for those with social media.

Social Media Engagement Brand Loyalty : The Studies

The Dynamics of Brand Loyalty in Social Media

A study about the nature of brand loyalty in social media revealed that there is a lot of research dedicated to this topic. The study found that there are five theories that are used to explain the process and magnitude of brand loyalty on social media. Additionally, antecedents for brand loyalty on social media can be found in different areas such as demographics, location, and consumer behavior.

The Effects of Customer Engagement on Indosat Ooredoo Brand Loyalty and Condition

A journal about the effect of customer engagement social media on the brand loyalty and condition ofIndosat Ooredoo has shown a good result. Additionally, there is a significant effect from Customers to the Brand at Medium level. Every increasing from Customer will impact to increasing on the Brand.

The Impact of Social Media Engagement and Brand Loyalty on Business Marketing Strategy

A study about how social media engagement and brand loyalty affects a company's marketing strategy was conducted. The analysis of data from 400 respondents revealed that, as social media engagement increased, brand loyalty decreased. This study found that the role of social media in marketing has a significant impact on brand loyalty and willingness to recommend a company to others.

Social Media Marketing and Its Role in Weakening the Loyalty of Customers

An analysis about how social media marketing can enhance brand loyalty found that the use of SMM activities can Fontanini, M., & J. Goodwin (2006). Social Media Marketing & its Role in Lounging to the Lab: A Survey of Executive and Managers. pp. 91-99 Manchester University Press. doi: 10.1177/000725337165469.

The State of Brands in Indonesia: What Drivers Loyalty and Engagement

A study about brand engagement on Twitter social media users in Indonesia revealed that 53% of them are not very engaged with their brands, while only 26% are very loyal to them. The study also found that a majority of Twitter users (86%) believe that they have more important things to do than follow brand accounts. It seems that many social media users in Indonesia are more interested in overall entertainment and news content than in signing up for a brand and being part of a personalised community.

New Study Shows Engagement with Social Media Platforms Does Not Determine Satisfaction

A study about the effects of social media engagement on loyal customers found that, when customers are engaged with their social media platforms, they tend to be more satisfied with their products and services. The study found that customers who are regularly engaging with their brand's social media channels are more likely to be lifelong patrons, and they also report being more likely to recommend the company to others. The study was conducted by rubbing shoulders with buyers of two types of products: those who use socialmedia extensively as a means of communicating with customers and those who primarily talk to friends or family about their shopping experiences. The findings revealed that thethose who used socialmedia extensively as a means of communicating with customers reported being 20% more satisfied with their overall experience than those who exclusively communicated with friends or family about their shopping experiences.

The Negative Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Loyalty

An evaluation about the impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty was conducted. The study found that value consciousness has a negative impact on brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is a strong bond between customers and businesses. When customers have a negative view of the value of the company, it can damage the relationship and cause thecustomer to walk away from the business.

6 surprising factors that influence customer engagement

A journal about customer engagement and brand loyalty found that customers attach more importance to customer service than to product quality. They also trust the company more than any other factor.

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