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Social Media Identity Theft : The Studies

Getting hold of some solid Social Media Identity Theft-relevant studies? Here they are.

The Common Risks of Identity Theft against Local Activists

A study about identity theft and local activist victim found that identity thieves have been stealing the personal information of local citizens in an alarming manner. The study found that social media platforms are often used by assailants to gain access to personal information about citizens, particularly those who are involved in social activism. Identity theft attacks against local activists have become more common in recent years, as assailants gain access to their personal information through social media platforms, making it easier for them to commit crime. As a result of the alarming trend of social media identity theft against local activists, it is important for citizens to take measures to protect their data and/or keep their personal information safe. The use of appropriate security measures, such as strong passwords and 2-factor authentication, can help protect individuals from thieves trying to steal their personal information.

Social Media Identity Theft : The Studies

The Rise of Identity Theft: Implications for Business

An inquiry about the increase of identity theft indicates that the greatest number of Identity thefts are through online means. This increases with the increased use of smartphones for personaltanize oneself and for making connections with friends and family online. In addition, more businesses are now digitalizing their business processes, which can then be utilized to steal individuals' personal information.

The Identity Theft industry: A Comprehensive Guide

A study about identity theft conducted by a company shows that social networking sites and identity theft are two of the most common offenders in this field. It found that the thief can easily obtain personal data, such as names, addresses, email addresses and other personal Identifications from users of these sites. Often times, the thief can use this information to commit real-life crimes or even frauds.

identity theft: The crime that costs you

An analysis about identity theft found that identity theft is a problem that is growing rapidly in the United States, particularly given the widespread use of mobile devices and online access to digital information. Identity thieves exploit user weaknesses, like those who are not careful with their passwords or who do not use different phones simultaneously, to take advantage of individuals. EFF has been fighting against identity theft for years and we know that this crime costs crimes millions of dollars each year in lost wages and damage to businesses.

identity theft on the rise in digital age

An evaluation about identity theft on the rise in the age of the Internet has found that identity theft is on the rise nearly 20% per year. Police chiefs and consumer advocates say that the increase in online activity and easy access to personal data make it more difficult for people to protect their identities.

The Rise of Identity Theft: What You Need to Know

An analysis about identity theft reveals that a lot of people are being victimized. Identity theft is when someone takes your personal information and use it to open a new bank account, get a job, or get some other benefit. This crime can be very dangerous because you could lose all your possessions and money.

The Leading Identity Thefts in the United States in 2008

A review about identity theft in the United States in 2008 revealed that the losses caused by this crime totaled $50 billion annually. The motives behind identity theft vary, but it is typically motivated by greed or thief’s desire to richer person’s personal information. Related frauds include bank card fraud and stealambles, which are Crimes committed against banks and financial institution employees.

The Risk of Identity Theft from Social Media-Affecting Black Women

A study about black women on social media indicate that they are at-risk for identity theft due to their easy access to personal information.Black women use social media to share personal information, such as their addresses, birthdates and phone numbers, which allows traffickers and other criminals to get hold of this data. Identity theft is a problem that black women face daily and it’s important for parents to be extra- vigilant about what their children are doing online.

The Identity Theft Prevention Strategy for America: What to Do To Protect Yourself

A study about identity theft in the United States has shown that an estimated $15 billion was stolen from mainly individuals in 2015. The theft can be done through many different methods such as online fraud, using personal or financial information of the victim, or simply robbing them at their place of work or home. Identity thieves can also use different aliases to commit this crime, making it even more difficult for victims to track down their assailants.

The Reality of Identity Theft in England and Wales

A paper about the recent occurrences of identity theft in England and Wales reveals that between 2007 and 2015, 93% of social housing lets in England and Wales went to British nationals. There is also the notion that we all claim .

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