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Social Media Impact On Communication : The Studies

These Social Media Impact On Communication studies are useful as extra resources, according to our research.

The Revival of Social Media: What It Means for the Future of Democracy

A journal about how social media can be used in communication found that users are more likely to understand complex topics when the information is available up close. By providing timely and concise information on a topic, social media can give civically engaged individuals a platform to voice their concerns directly to all who might listen. Additionally, social media can help organizations stay connected with their fans and followers without having to constantly respond to comments or inquiries.

Social Media Impact On Communication : The Studies

The Social Media Impacts on Scholarly Publications: A Review

An article about the impact of social media on scholarly publications has been conducted and it has shown that social media have a large impact on the dissemination and evaluation of scholarly papers. The journal, the discipline, the publication year, and the user type all have a significant impact on how socially-linked papers are perceived.

The Effects of Social Media Use on Empathy

A study about the physical and emotional effects of social media use found that online interactions deteriorated empathy among people who used social media platforms. The study also found that users felt less connect with others on social media platforms.

Social Media Use in Crises: An examination

A paper about how social media is changing crisis communication has shown that by using various channels and tools, crisis communication can be improved. By using social media platforms, people can easily and quickly share their emotions and thoughts about therisis. This has given rise to a new way ofcommunicating with people in times of crisis. Both private and public entities have used social media for different purposes in recent years. Businesses use it to build brand awareness and connect with customers. States use it to ensure continuity during natural disasters or emergencies. The aim of this article is to explore how social media has been used by both private and public entities during times of crisis.

The Impact of Social Media Use on Mental Health

An article about the effects of social media on mental health was conducted. Mental health was evaluated using scales that measure problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. The study found that people who use social media frequently have higher levels of stress than people who do not use social media. People who use social media more often also have more anxiety and depression than people who do not use social media.

The Impact of Technology on Adolescents

An article about the impact of internet and social media use on adolescents' well-being has been conducted over nine years. The study found that the use of technology can have a positive effect on juveniles' mental and physical health, leading to increased creativity, productivity and social interaction. Use of digital apps also helped reduce peer competition and negative school experiences.

The Role of Social Media in Social connectedness

An analysis about social media found that users experience social connectedness on social media as a short-term experience of belonging and relatedness, based on quantitative and qualitative social appraisals and relationship salience. Social media users report feeling more engaged with others when they are connected to others on social media. This study also found that some users find social media helpful in connecting them with others.

The unseen uses of social media by older people in the United States

A journal about how social media is used by older people in the United States has shown a trend of them using it more. According to Pew Research, Forty percent of Americans age 65 and over are users of Facebook. However, this percentage skyrockets to seventy percent for those who are over 50. Additionally, Twitter has seen an increase in use by those over 50 as well, from 10 percent in 2008 to 17 percent by 2019.

OnlineInfluence on Teenagers

An article about teens' use of social media has shown that there has been a1000% increase in their activity since 2005. The study found that teens are communicating more and using technology more to connect with others.

The moderating influence of social media on adolescentsÂ’ self-esteem

A journal about how social media use (SMU) and adolescentsÂ’ self-esteem affects their internalizing emotions was conducted. The studies found that the effects of SMU were minimal and that there was no significant correlation between SMU and adolescentsÂ’ self-esteem.

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