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Social Media Likes Addiction : The Studies

These are some worthwhile studies on Social Media Likes Addiction that are interesting.

The Role of Social Media in the Development of Depression and Anxiety

A study about social media addiction has shown that people who engage in excessive social media usage tend to display signs of anxiety and depressive symptomatology. The study also discovered that these effects are particularly apparent in those who have high levels of anxiety and depressive symptomatology.

Social Media Likes Addiction : The Studies

The power of social media addiction: How people can become hooked on likes and shares

A journal about social media addiction has shown how people often become hooked on likes and shares on social media. This can be a problem because likes can give you the wrong feeling, and it can be hard to control how much you share.

The Dark Side of Social Media Addictions

A study about the addiction to social media revealed that many people have a serious problem with it. Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders were also reported more often among those who used social media. Successful people often have a sedentary lifestyle, which can be factors in developing an addiction to social media.

Social Media Addiction and Overwhelmment in a Milwaukee Community

A review about social media addiction in a Milwaukee community revealed that individuals may get drawn into the medium even if their lives are without social interaction. The study, conducted by The Milwaukee Community Journal and funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health, surveyed 524 individuals who responded to questionnaires about their use of social media in the past 12 months. The results of the study show that people who use social media often report feeling overwhelmed by multiple demands in their lives, including work, family, and friends. In addition, they say they have become addicted to promoting themselves through social media platforms. The main advice given in the study was to set time limits for when you should be on social media and to make sure you are having honest conversations with friends and family members about why youÂ’re using Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The Effect of Social Media Addiction on College Students' Mental Health

A review about the effects of social media addiction on college students' mental health and academic performance was conducted. The study found that social media addiction had a negative effect on college students' mental health, as well as their academic performance. In Study 2, the role of self-esteem was tested as a mediator for these relations. The study found that self-esteemhappinessA difference in self-worth between individuals which leads to feeling good about oneself and feeling bad about oneself were a significant factor in the affects of social media addiction on college students' mental health and academic performance. However, the intervention showed no ability to reduce the affects of social media addiction on college students' mental health or academic performance.


An article about how social media affects addiction indicates that the selfie generation is particularly prone to engaging in addictions to social media. According to the study, the selfie generation is especially interested in gaining likes and gainingKudos on social media platforms. People who engage in addictions to social media tend to suffer from a host of problems, including poor self-esteem, addiction, and disturbances in mood.

How Social Media Addiction Can Result in Health Consequences

An article about the health impacts of social media addiction has shown that there are variable health consequences depending on the severity of the addiction. One study investigating the impact of social media on stress among employees of companies found that using social media can lead to more significant health outcomes.

Social media addiction in Moroccan university students: A growing trend

A journal about Moroccan university students' social media addiction has shown that a large number of them are prone to the habit. The study found that Moroccan university students use social media excessively and that it easily becomes a dependency. It is not just fun for some, but can have negative consequences for them.

How Social Media Use Affects Academic Performance

An analysis about the effect of social media usage, engagement, and addiction on academic performance was conducted. The study found that social media use did not affect academic performance negatively. However, being engaged in social media increased the risk for academic stress. The study also explored the relationship between academic stress and social media addiction. It found that students who had high levels of academic stress were more likely to be addicted to social media.

Social Media Addiction and Life Satisfaction Among University Students

An evaluation about social media addiction and life satisfaction among university students has been undertaken, in order to verify the extent to which there is a statistically significant relationship between the level of social media addiction among university students and their life satisfaction. The study focused on gender, specialization, and academic level. It was discovered that social media addiction Specifically among university students was positively correlated with life satisfaction.

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