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Social Media Logic Model : The Studies

We discovered few Social Media Logic Model studies with intriguing findings.

Social Media Use By US Adults 65 And Over

A research about social media's appeal to older adults has shown that the figure is gradually growing. For Pew, less than two percent of US adults 65 and over used social media in 2008, but this number had risen to forty percent by 2019. The study also shows that 46 percent of US adults age 65 and over were users of Facebook. This trend seems to be growing more and more popular, with people postponing early retirement for the chance to use social media regularly.

Social Media Logic Model : The Studies

Social Media Use among Professors:Implications for Academic Life

A review about social media usage among professors revealed that social media isDominant tool used by professors to disseminate information and meet with students. Social media use by professors has many benefits, such as Reach more people and spread information faster. However, there are some disadvantages as well. One disadvantage is that many professors use social media to discuss their work instead of sharing new information with the public. This can bode well for public’s understanding of the professor’s work, but it can also create friction between the professor and students because they are not sharing new information equally.

The Use of Social Media by Adults in the United States

A paper about social media use among adults in the United States found that 66% of adults use social media at least monthly. Usage ranged from 23% of women and 14% of men who use social media to74% of those age 65 and older. Social media has become an important part of daily lives for many people in the United States, and this new study adds to the increasing body of research that shows its value for relationships, communication, and civic engagement.

Community-Based Walking Program: Theory, Process and Implementation

A study about the development of a logic model for a community-based walking program for mothers by providing background on the population and describing the program theory, process of developing the model, and how it is implemented was conducted. A problem that arose during this study was how toously create a format that would allow participants to communicate wirelessly with one another.

social media connections: how they benefit society

An article about social media reveals that social media is a great way to connect with people. Most users enjoy using social media because it connects them with others who share the same interest or what they believe in. With all of the hassles that come along with being online, having a connection to others helps to keep people feeling connected while they are able to focus on their ….

The Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training on Well- being

A study about Valid Emotional Intelligence has been conducted by King and colleagues (2007) which compared two groups of mice, one group that was controls and the other that was treated with an emotional intelligenceTraining intervention. The study found that the emotional intelligence training intervention had a significant impact on some measures of psychological well-being, such as body satisfaction and happiness.

The Uses and Walks of Social Media

An article about how people use social media reveals how it can be used to think and feel. Social media is a lifestyle that starts with how to think about something and act around it. The study found that people use social media in different ways, some more then others. One study showed that 56% of people use social media for the purpose of gossiping, 37% use it for communicating with friends, 33% for networking, and only 10% for discussing their thoughts. Another study found that 45% of people read articles on social media sites before engaging in other activities, 36% share pictures and videos on social media, and 31% comment on articles. Another study showed that when people are looking at pictures or posts on social media they are more likely to form opinions about them then they are when they are looking at news stories orDiamonds.

Clinical Logic Model Use at University

An inquiry about a group of students who use a logic model to plan and execute a clinic was conducted. The students used the model to develop a plan for the clinic, make choices concerning the level of resources required, and assess the effects of their efforts. The students showed understanding of what they were doing and why they were doing it.

School Counseling Programs Linked to Increased Academic Success

A study about the effectiveness of school Counseling programs found that the majority of students demonstrate significant gains in academic and social skills when they participate in such programs. The study also found that these programs play an important role in overall school outcomes byhelping to decrease the gap between ability and need, increasing the number of resources available to schools, and improving existing policies and processes.

5 Implementation Models for intervention effectiveness

An analysis about how interventions (often referred to as "actions") work and the ways in which they can be effective was conducted. The study used five different implementation models and found that each had unique strengths and weaknesses. The study's aim was to find out how each method affected postimplementation outcomes, but before any changes could be made, it was important to see any long-term effects.

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