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Social Media Nursing Ethics : The Studies

These studies on Social Media Nursing Ethics are fascinating and useful to know.

Nursing Media Activism through Social Media

An inquiry about social media activism and nursing in the 21st century reveals that the medium may be an ideal way for nurses to stay politically informed, promote social justice, and positively influence public discourse. Whilesocial media may seem like a novel way for nurses to communicate with the public, it has already been used by both professional and lay groups to make social changes throughout the world. This literature review provides a comprehensive overview of social media activism and its role in nursing’s activism.

Social Media Nursing Ethics : The Studies

Nurses' Use of Social Media among Mid-sized Nursing Facilities

A journal about online social media use by nurses found that the majority of nurses feel uncomfortable with the way their social media is used. The study found that nurses are often not given clear instructions about how to use social media. The study also found that nurses have difficulty maintaining a consistent online presence.

Nurses in Practice: A Marginalized Profession

A research about nurses in policy development found that they are marginalized by nurses themselves and their professional society which makes it hard for them to influence the nursing field. The main reason why nurses are not seen as effective in policy formulation is because they lack expert knowledge and skills in the area. The main influences on nurses’ professional development are the nursing environment, their ward, as well as their personal relationships with others. Nurses lack resources to develop their professional skills and tools.

The Use of Social Media in Nursing: A Survey

A research about nurses' use of social media in the nursing profession has been carried out in order to better understand the issues and create better guidelines for Nurses. The study included nurses working at a large academic medical center. The questionnaire that was completed by these nurses allowed for Insight into their personal views on social media and how it is used within the nursing profession as a whole.

Use Social Media to Enhance Nurses’ Input on Patient Care

An evaluation about integration of social media in nursing education showed that it can be very helpful for nurses to have access to resources that can help them learn new things and keep up with the latest trends. For example, online courses can teach nurses about different health topics and how they can be used in patient care. Additionally, forums and chats allow nurses to connect with other healthcare professionals, ask questions, and share ideas. This way, nurses are able to stay up-to-date on new trends and advancements in nursing care.

The Benefits of Social Media Use for Chronic Disease Patients

An analysis about social media platforms shows that patients who post about their health conditions on social media have a better chance of receiving timely treatment and reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases. The study found that when patients post about their health conditions, they are more likely to receive accurate information and improve relationships with doctors. Patients who use social media platforms to document their condition also have a better chance of decreasing the number of visits to specialists and lessening the time needed for surgery.

The Journal of Media Ethics: A Useful Resource for Research on Media Ethics and Morality

An analysis about the journal, "Journal of Media Ethics" (JMEd), found the journal to be an excellent resource for research on media ethics and morality. The journal has a wide range of topicsReviewed articles in JMEd offer fruitful discussions of issues surrounding media ethics, often providing new insights and perspectives on well-known ethical questions. The editorial staff, authors, and reviewers are passionate about the field of media ethics and take great pride in contributing to JMEd. Publications from the journal show that we are highly respected by our peers within the realm of communication research. This is especially evident in article submissions, which are typically short but exploring complex ethical issues with Breaking News flair. Though there is always much to discuss when addressing ethical questions surrounding media, JMEd provides a fruitful space for reasoned debate and provides educators, researchers and the general public with valuable resources that can guide informed decisions about how we usemedia.

A Study on Patients’ Satisfaction after Surgery

A study about the ethical developments during surgery at a major Boston hospital found that the nurse wanted patients up and walking quickly after surgery to promote their ethical development. The study, published in the American Journal of Nursing - LWW, used data from surgically Ward’s patients who were monitored for five days post-surgery. Data showed that 86% of patients were able to walk within two days of the operation and that majority (83%) of patients were able to fully recover within six weeks. However, only 24% percent of patients reported feeling fully recovered one week post-surgery. The study showed that when patients are not allowed to move or work they experience lower levels of satisfaction with their experience and longest healing time. Patients also reported that they felt morei.

The Ethical challenges of Social Media and the Internet

A paper about the ethics of social media and the internet turned up many ethical challenges. For example, some patients and family caregivers encountered difficultyreements over whether they could use social media to communicate with researchers. Others found access to internet resources including websites and apps restricted or dangerous. Overall, these studies demonstrated the challenges posed by using digital devices in different contexts.

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