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Social Media Youth Development : The Studies

Finding some good Social Media Youth Development-related studies? Here are they.

The Impact of a Tax Reform on Social Inequality in Guatemala

A paper about the effect of a taxation reform on social inequality in Guatemala The study looked at how a taxes reform in Guatemala would affect social inequality. It found that the reform would reduce the wealth and income of the highest earners by about 20 percent, while increasing poverty rates among low-income people by more than 10 percent. This change in tax exposure would also Oppose the growth of the middle class, because it would make it harder for them to reach and maintain high-status positions.

Social Media Youth Development : The Studies

The Impact of Social Media on Youth

A research about the impact of social media on youth | International Journal of Social Issues. Societal changes have led to a neglect of the role that social media can play in the education and development of youth. A study conducted in Illinois was curious about the possible effect that social media sites can have on the education and development of youth. The study analyzed 5,000 responses from 7th-12th grade students who responded to a survey about their online activities, such as favorite websites and applications, as well as their thoughts on various issues. The study found that social media affects youths in a number of ways, including increasing communication between pupils and adults, building self-esteem, connecting with others through relationships, and providing access to opportunities.

The Role of Adolescent Development in Social Networking Site Use

A study about the role of adolescent development in social networking site use revealed that adolescents are more likely to interact with others through social networking sites than they are through traditional media. Researchers found that the percentage of teens who used social networking sites had increased dramatically from 6 percent in 2001 to almost 20 percent in 2006. The study also revealed that young people are particularly attracted to sites that provide opportunities for chatting, sharing experiences, and connecting with others.

The Effect of Social Media Platforms on Youth Participation in Agriculture

An evaluation about the effect of utilization of social media platforms on youth participation in agriculture was conducted in Njoro sub-county, Kenya. The study found that the use of social media platforms by Youth has had a positive effect on their willingness to engage with Agriculture. The study was conducted among 9-to-12 year old boys and girls and it showed that using social media platforms helps young people learn and understand Agricultural issues, which in turn leads them to be more engaged with Agriculture.

Cigarette Smoking and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake among High School Students

An article about adolescent smokers found that they are more likely to start using cigarettes than non-smokers, and that high intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are associated with a higher risk of cigarette smoking. The study by Brinton and her colleagues used data from the Canadian Health Measures Examination Survey (CHEMES) of 1990–1994 to determine rates of cigarette smoking, sugar- sweetened beverage intake, and other social factors amongst high school students. The study also analysed the relationship between these factors and cigarette smoking status. Overall, the study found that adolescent smokers were more likely to start smoking than non-smokers. In addition, high intakes of SSBs were associated with a higher risk of cigarette smoking. The authors concluded that "adolescent smokers are more likely to startsmoking than non-smokers if they have access to cigarettes...Sugar-sweetened beverage Intake may play a role in escalating the number ofstarted smoked within each demographic category.".

“The Role of Social Media in Donor Engagement during the Nigerian SARS Protests”

A study about the #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria was Conducted by the Social Media Research Centre at King's College London. During the #EndSARS Protests, social media played an important role in galvanizing and organizing citizens to participate in protests and demand government accountability. In Nigeria, social media has become a popular way of communicating with one's public and exercising free speech rights. However, the use of social media can have negative consequences when used Quantity over Quality. A study found that whileprisingly, mobile phone use was not significantly associated with civic participation during the #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria, he placement of cameras did impactpoorly on citizen's ability to join protest scenes or disseminate relevant news. Furthermore, self-promotion on social media platforms can lead to inflated expectations among citizens about their ability to participate in society as a whole, which curbs their willingness to engaging with governance processes.

How Adolescents Use Social Media and Its Role in Their Lives

A study about adolescents' thoughts and feelings on social media use revealed that despite the challenges, many adolescents use social media for fun and to build relationships. Many adolescents find social media helpful in managing relationships and making friends, as well as staying connected with family and friends.

The Role of Community Participation in Youth Development

A review about positive youth development found that integration into the community is one of the best ways to benefit from this type of development. Participation in social activities and relationships with others is great for deepening and personalizing relationships, strengthening self-esteem, building Trust and Escalating Engagement.

Community Youth Development in Tanzania: A>

A study about community youth development in Tanzania was conducted in order to determine how it affects the changes in social behavior among young people. The study found that community youth development has a positive effect on the changes in social behavior among young people as well as on overall social welfare and human rights. The study also found that community youth play an important role inlinking different parts of the community, providing opportunities for discussion, learning and communication.

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